Robert Mueller

POTUS Drops HUGE Hint About Firing Robert Mueller

From the onset of the #RussiaGate investigation, the nation has been thoroughly divided.

Unfortunately, a divided America seems to be the norm these days, with the radical left pushing violence and bigotry toward their own fellow Americans in the process.  Even former Vice President Joe Biden got in on the act over the weekend, calling some Trump supporters the “dregs of society”.  This, of course, comes after two years’ worth of discriminatory practices against the right wing, and an ongoing investigation into a wild conspiracy theory concocted by spies planted in the Trump campaign by Biden’s former boss, Barack Hussein Obama.

And so the nation has patiently been waiting to see how long it takes Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel assigned to this Kremlin conspiracy, to come up with anything relevant.

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So far, we’ve only heard about a number of small time, pre-Presidency charges linked to former Trump associates.  Mueller is hoping to “flip” these fellows in order to bring down the President, even though evidence and public support for the matter are both extremely hard to come by.

Now, after beating around the bush for months, President Trump has provided us with some of his strongest language to date on the subject.

The allusion to the probe’s legality may not be a “first” for the President, but laying this sentiment out so clearly is certainly a change in tone for Trump.

The popularity of the Mueller investigation has been waning steadily since its onset, likely due to the fact that almost no Russia/Trump campaign connections have been exposed.  The closest we’ve seen are the references to Paul Manafort’s Ukrainian business dealings which are, as far as we can tell now, completely unrelated to Donald Trump.

Will the President finally be asking Mueller to pack up and go home?  And, if so, will this set off the already touchy radical left, giving the mainstream libeler media the New Civil War that they so disgustingly hope for?

There is unfortunately only one way to find out.

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