POTUS’ Daughter-in-Law Hospitalized After ATTACK! Story Developing!

The “resistance” was once merely a footnote in the bizarre saga of the democratic demise of 2016, but have now cemented themselves as a real threat to the relative peace of our nation.

Political discourse and dissonance is as American as apple pie.  We’ve predicated our entire national identity on the Freedom of Speech, which is to say that we encourage debate.  It’s the sign of a healthy and well-adjusted society to sit back and say “I may not agree with you, but please don’t stop exploring your opinions”.  In the end, all Americans want to do is prosper, and to see our neighbors do the same.

So, when Donald Trump humiliated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, there was bound to be a bit of bitter discourse in the nation.  That was an accepted reality that no lover of liberty would have batted an eye at.

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Instead of that discourse, however, we were given a pandemic of violence and hate spewing forth from the left in droves.  Acts such as James T. Hodgkinson’s GOP baseball rampage and Kathy Griffin’s mock Islamic execution of the President were just two examples of the rotten rhetoric of the left turned to action.

Now, sadly, we have another attack to possibly add to the list of crimes committed by the radical left.

“President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law was taken to a Manhattan hospital as a precaution on Monday after a suspicious letter containing an unidentified substance was sent to her apartment, senior law enforcement and city officials told NBC News.

“The letter was addressed to Vanessa Trump’s husband, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest child of the president and his ex-wife Ivana.”

A lawyer for the Trump family summed up the attack with fervor:

“‘How disturbed must a person be to do what they did to a mother of five children?’ Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, said in a statement. ‘This dangerous and reckless act goes beyond political differences.'”

This attack is reminiscent of the anthrax and fake-anthrax attacks of the early 2000’s, when radical Islamic terrorism was first becoming a water cooler topic for Americans.

Today, however, given the target of the attack, all eyes seem focused on the radical left and Antifa, their ironically named militant wing.

If anyone on the left happens to the be reading here today:  This is not how we deal with political differences in America.  These inexcusable tactics are the stuff of third world fascist rebellions and hate mongers.  Grow up, accept responsibility for your failures, and move on without attempting to murder mothers.

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