Bill Maher

Potty Mouthed Maher Forced to Apologize For Using N-Word On Air

The era of Trump will not only go down in history for the uniqueness of the Commander in Chief, but also as the span of time in which the liberal left completely lost their minds.

First, it was the mere possibility that Donald Trump might run for President on the republican ticket that had the left’s undies in a bunch.  While late night comedians were certainly foaming at the mouth for a potential disaster of a campaign, pundits at a vast majority of cable news outlets let out a collective, bored sigh, expecting a flash in the pan primary for Trump and for Hillary Clinton to eviscerate whoever else the republicans would have nominated.

Spoiler alert:  Trump wins.

In the wake of that triumphant victory for American conservatives, the democrats and their liberal ilk have gone off the deep end in unprecedented ways.  There have been numerous, rage-filled riots disguised by the media as “protests”, along with profane and sick effigies of the newly elected President – including one gory mess that landed Kathy Griffin in some serious hot water.

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In other words, liberals are just acting plain bizarre in recent months.  Cuckoo.  Nuts.  Looney.

Enter Bill Maher, who last week made the extremely egregious and offensive choice to use the “n-word” on his television show.  And not in the colloquial, no “r” at the end sort of way.

“Maher was speaking to Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse on Real Time Friday night about the senator’s new book, The Vanishing American Adult, when the topic of how adults dress up for Halloween came up. Sasse told Maher that in Nebraska, adults don’t often dress up for Halloween.

“’I’ve got to get to Nebraska more,’ Maher joked.

“’You’re welcome,’ Sasse replied. ‘We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.’

“’Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house n***er,’ Maher replied, before quickly adding that the comment was a joke. The remark drew gasps and some laughter from the audience.”

Maher and HBO were both forced to issue apologies for the unacceptable statement by the ultra-left wing host.  HBO has also stated that subsequent airings of this particular episode will no longer contain the classless quip by the liberal lunatic.

The hypocrisy of the left cannot be overstated in our modern society.  While condemning Donald Trump as a “racist”, Bill Maher has made countless dollars for his network.  Now, as Maher has outed himself as someone unafraid of utilizing deeply derogatory racial slurs in “comedic” fashion, we could see Billy Boy receive his fair share of financial justice in the form of a massive boycott or his outright resignation from HBO in the coming weeks.


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