Hillary Clinton

Post-Debate, Trump Has Work Cut Out for Him

I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton is an imminent danger to the country, who will lead the United States straight over a cliff, but after watching the first debate with Donald Trump, it’s clear she’s not going to be easily beaten.

Clinton must have taken a long nap and been given enough stimulants so that she didn’t collapse, and her eyes didn’t roll around randomly in her skull, which I think a lot of Monday’s debate watchers were looking to see happen.

Her health problems are real, I’m convinced, but she didn’t show any sign of them during the debate, and that was a big plus in her corner. If anything, she was too perky and robotic.

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Trump on the other hand, had a case of the sniffles, apparently, and they were picked up on his microphone. He also needs to stand up straight. Let’s be honest, he repeatedly hunched over his podium and leaned to one side — not a good look.

(If any Trump campaign folks are reading this, take note: Hillary’s podium was ratcheted up to make her look taller. Somebody should check the height on Trump’s podium, because it looked from the side like it was too short, and he was leaning over it in several camera shots. I didn’t notice any side shots of Clinton, so you might want to beware of what’s happening with the cameras. It was subtle, but it registered with viewers.)

Both candidates got in some good licks. In Trump’s case, it was despite debate moderator Lester Holt himself debating the candidate on whether he supported the Iraq War, and a couple of other points, like the birther issue, that Trump had to waste time fending off.

I particularly enjoyed Trump’s statement that he would go against his attorneys’ advice and release his tax returns even while they are under audit, just as soon as Hillary releases her thousands of destroyed emails.

His best point, I thought, was acknowledging that Clinton has a lot of experience, but that “it’s bad experience.” He managed repeatedly to hammer home that during her many years in positions of power, Clinton could have done something about the country’s problems, but didn’t.

On the other hand, Clinton was allowed to ramble on, speculating about all the things her zombie followers could imagine were in Trump’s tax returns, which put The Donald on defense over a topic that, to my thinking, is really irrelevant to the actual issues in this campaign.

That wasn’t the only time Clinton pulled accusations — based in reality or completely fabricated — out of thin air to try to knock Trump off his pace.

That too is a Trump weakness. Rather than being defensive and trying to justify himself, he needs to remain on the attack. At the beginning of the debate, it seemed like he was going to do that, but he wavered toward the middle, and I think that may be because he is fundamentally a nice guy, while Hillary is a virtual harpy on Red Bull.

At one point, the question of temperament came up, and he didn’t unload on her about things like her “deplorables” comment a few weeks ago, or her abuse of Secret Service agents.

Even when Clinton tried to make a case that Trump disdains women, The Donald held back. The enabler of her husband’s long history of sexual abuse and extramarital affairs, Clinton has no business talking about how she defends women’s rights. Underpaying her own female staffers, she’s got no leg to stand on when she talks about “equal pay.”

I also wish Trump had been more explicit about some of the flaws in Hillary’s economic proposals, like her plan to raise the minimum wage while also raising taxes on the corporations that pay those wages. Mr. Trump did criticize those plans and point out that they would cost jobs and close businesses, but he didn’t explain why that would happen, in a way the economically illiterate on the Left could understand.

Overall, I thought it was a draw. If you visit new sites like Breitbart, polls show Trump as the clear winner. If you go to leftist sites like the Huffing-and-Puffington Post, the numbers are reversed. So, probably the truth is somewhere in the middle.

From a practical standpoint, what that likely means is that the MSM will start touting Hillary’s imaginary victory tomorrow, and their padded polls will show her in the lead again.

For Trump and his supporters, it means we still have a lot of work to do. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, and Hillary’s obviously not ready for her swan song just yet.

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