Possible Terror Attack in Germany


Dusseldorf, Germany is the location of what authorities are currently treating as a terror attack in a local train station.

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The attacker, or attackers, apparently entered the central station in Dusseldorf and began assaulting pedestrians with axes, leaving many injured.  Authorities quickly dispatched anti-terror police who were able to take one attacker into custody.  At this time, it is unknown whether or not there was certainly a second attacker, but authorities are taking no chances.

At this time, trains are no longer stopping at this particular station, as police continue to conduct their investigation.

Of course, Germany has been a focal point of international terrorists in recent months, possibly due to their extremely lax immigration and refugee policies that have allowed nearly unfettered access to Deutschland for many traveling from terrorist hotbeds.  While other nations in Europe are beginning to crack down on travel to and from these areas, Germany has remained steadfast in their willingness to re-home migrants from these areas.

This story is still developing, and we will be reporting on any news that comes out of Dusseldorf regarding this heinous and vile attack.


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