Possible Ivanka Assassin Stopped by Secret Service in Trump Tower

The violence of the radical left is continuing to ramp up following the attempted assassination of several GOP congressmen earlier this month.

As liberal news sources such as CNN struggle to maintain their decorum, (and possibly their sanity), the vitriolic viewer base beneath them continue to writhe in anger over the election of Donald J. Trump.  Beyond the unethical “resistance” movement that seeks to deter the President at every possible juncture, a portion of these liberal lunatics have taken things too far, radicalizing and turning violent after witnessing the call to arms of former CNN personality Kathy Griffin, among others.  Now, yet another terrifying incident has been reported in which one of these maniacs attempted to wreak havoc on the First Family…this time, at Trump Tower in New York City.

“A New York man clad in a bulletproof vest and bearing two small knives entered Trump Tower where he told Secret Service officers that he was a U.S. senator there to meet Ivanka Trump, police said.

“The man, whose name appears in records as Sixto Benitez Adames, was arrested after the Thursday afternoon incident, the New York Police Department said.

“Benitez Adames, 52, of the Bronx, was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and faces charges of criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a forged instrument for his possession of a fake New York State identity card, police said.

“In addition to the two knives, he was carrying a tied-off sock with a weight in it, police said.”

In the wake of this increasing violence, many have wondered why the mainstream media has been so inept at dissuading, or even condemning, their viewership for these acts.

It has been obvious from the moment that Donald Trump secured the republican nomination in 2016 that the democrats and their leftist cronies would not be slinking away silently into the night.  Instead, the DNC and other democratic opportunists have actively led what they are calling a “resistance” to Donald Trump, working to not only delegitimize his entire presidency, but to normalize the idea of his assassination.  Hollywood and the liberal music industry have assisted the left with this ridiculously unethical endeavor, and incidents such as what we saw today in New York City are a direct result of this lunacy.

Of course, demanding action from CNN or any other radical leftist entities will likely result in nothing more than another temper tantrum by the network.  Between their incessant whining at press briefings, to their outright extortion of internet satirists, CNN have proven time and again that they are no longer interested in journalism.  Instead, they have chosen to focus their efforts on political intervention and violent upheaval, a notion that should have the White House pondering how much longer CNN will be allowed to attend functions on the property.


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