new civil war

Possibility of New Civil War Reiterated by Recent Pew Research Study

Americans are divided like never before in the age of President Donald Trump, and this has led to mass radicalization of the political left.

From the moment that Donald Trump officially captured the election, the democrats and their subordinate liberal constituents were out for war.  The so-called “resistance” to the President blossomed early, and it grew quickly, thanks to the mainstream media’s incessant push for opposition, and Hollywood’s nonstop assault on conservative America.

As Trump began to pile up successes in the Oval Office, this “resistance” grew ever more violent and vitriolic, erupting in horrific scenes of violence, both fictional and factual.

Groups such as Antifa leapt into action at the behest of celebrities who were hellbent on delegitimizing, if not destroying The Donald.  Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg, and others began campaigns of mock violence against the Commander in Chief, leading to the instant radicalization of the democratic and progressive base.  Mere weeks later, we were subject to the first shots of this New Civil War when James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on a baseball field full of republican congressmen who were practicing for an annual charity game.

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Now, as Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s targeting of a conservative country music audience still lingers, a new Pew Research study shows that Americans are vehemently opposed to one another in the political realm.

“Americans have rarely been as divided along partisan lines as they are now, according to a new Pew Research Center study that shows the nation’s political cleavages on most issues have widened in the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.

“The gap between Democrats and Republicans continues to expand on questions about the role of government, race, immigration — even where they prefer to live. Each party has become more ideologically homogeneous, and more hostile toward the opinions of members of the other party.

“Pew began asking 10 questions on ‘political values’ — on government regulations to benefits for the poor to racial discrimination — in 1994.

“The average gap between self-identified Democrats and Republicans on these questions in 1994? Fifteen points. Today, it’s 36 points, up from 33 percent in 2014.

“’Partisan divides across political values … [are] wider than at any point in the past,’ said Jocelyn Kiley, the associate director for research at the Pew Research Center.”

This worrisome reality has led many to believe that these divisions could lead to a New Civil War in our nation, with violence clearly escalating within the liberal ranks.

Much of the concern comes from within the mainstream media, due to their impact on the impressionable young people to whom they actively advertise.  This brainwashing of your nation’s youth has been widely apparent in the violence seen at the University of California at Berkeley as of late, where students have actively attempted to subvert the First Amendment rights of their fellow students due to their political beliefs.

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