#BlackLivesMatter Group Shuts Down “Students for Trump” Meeting [VIDEO]

It is entirely reasonable to feel passionate about something. It is also okay to join with others who feel as passionate. To join together to work toward making our city, state, and country a better place. But it is not okay to do this in such a way that bullies and silences those who disagree with you.

More and more we are seeing a thug, Central American style of political activism break out in our country. This is particularly the case on our college and university campuses. Those students who have drunk the red Cool Aid of socialism have made it more difficult for the students who have not to gather and speak.

Breitbart reports

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Student Black Lives Matter activists at Oregon’s Portland State University shut down a meeting of Students for Trump supporters, as shown in a video posted on YouTube by a citizen journalist with the name Laughing at Liberals.

The Black Lives Matter students’ goal was exactly what Black Lives Matter has shown time and time again: to act as super-predators taking away the free speech rights of people with whom they don’t agree.

This kind of activity is both enraging and hypocritical. The great American experiment has begun to fail. We have allowed those who want it to fail to run the show. They set the paradigm and then do not follow it.

We are the war mongers, and they are picking the fight. These people are hateful, entitled and ignorant. They do not believe in free speech or liberty in general. This is exhibited by their actions as well as their communist signs.

They even threatened the young man filming the event with bodily harm just simply for recording their actions. And this shows that they wish to pretend to care for the welfare of the discriminated against, but in reality, they only wish to make others conform.

But, eventually, these young people will come to find that violence begets violence.  There will one day be a reaping of the violence they have begun to sow.

I have provided Laughing at Liberals’ video as evidence of this point.

Watch especially at 3:18 what the effeminate young man says about the Trump supports’ social security numbers, class schedules and addresses.  It is scary how far they are willing to push people.

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