Portland Campus Protestors Obliterate P.A. to Silence Conservatives

In order to fully understand the horrendous reality surrounding the liberal fight to ruin free speech in America, we must first have a brief lesson in semantics.

The liberal left likes to call themselves the antidote to “Fascism”, but reality tells us something much different.  For instance, here is the agreed upon definition of Fascism:

“a political system based on a very powerful leaderstatecontrol of social and economic life, and extreme pride in country and race, with no expression of political disagreement allowed”.

Of course, what’s missing from this antiquated definition is the extreme prejudice that has become inherent in political parties, especially those in America.  The most fervent example of this neo-Fascism is readily available to us by way of the radical left, who have been caught using force on a number of occasions in order to silence political speech that opposes their own beliefs.

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These violent attempts at rendering the First Amendment futile are best exemplified by the February 2017 riots in Berkeley, California, where students at the local state University violently took control of campus in order to shut down a speech by conservative author Milo Yiannopolous.  In the aftermath of this massive demonstration, UC Berkeley was forced to make cancelations and adjustments to other further conservative engagements, fearing a repeat of the neo-Fascist chaos.

Now this imbecilic ideology has spread again, this time to the liberal looney-bin known as Portland, Oregon, where a former Google employee known for his controversial separation from the company over diversity practices has been the victim of a similar, anarchic liberalism.

“A protester, Heather Clark, momentarily disrupted an event featuring ex-Google employee James Damore when she smashed the venue’s sound system. Although the system was physically damaged, the venue’s technology team was able to get it up and running within ten minutes. Clark was ultimately escorted out of the building and slapped with a misdemeanor citation.

“During the event’s discussion, several student protesters stormed out of the venue. The event also featured former Evergreen State College professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying. One student told a panelist to ‘shut up’ before walking out.

“’When I enrolled at PSU, in one of America’s most secular cities, I thought I was entering a world of open-minded and thoughtful young adults,’ event organizer Andy Ngo wrote in a column for the Wall Street Journal on the event. ‘Instead I encountered a new kind of fundamentalism, many of whose adherents claim to disavow religion.’”

Simply put; the left is putting the Nazi party’s own absurd political whitewashing to shame with their linguistic lock on liberty.

By forcefully attacking the First Amendment through neo-Fascism, the liberals of the nation hope to completely decimate the idea of Free Speech, replacing it instead with a legally monitored new American language that only they control.  By removing the freedom of expression from the culture, the left hopes to be the de facto political choice for those who they have shamed out of their own beliefs.

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