Portland Antifa Perps Attack Military Property As “New Civil War” Rages

There has been a great deal of speculation among the mainstream media as to when and where their “New Civil War” will begin in earnest.

Make no mistake about it; this is their conflict.  The American people don’t hate one another, but that’s what the media shows us.  We see a tiny, infinitely small fraction of society when we look into the chaos on CNN, MSNBC, and the others.   That is but the tiniest sliver of society being pumped into our homes, and it warps us.  It makes us feel like this is normal.

The media wants a civil war because it will boost ratings.  They’ll be covering it 24/7 with “embedded” reporters talking about how they never thought they would see the day that they were ’embedded’ in their own country.  Heck, the script may even be completely written, for all we know.

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All of this hysteria is playing a role in this new American conflict, and fueling the rise of the radical left.  Their targets are numerous, and it seems that they are now unafraid to pick fights even with the U.S. military.

Members of Antifa smashed out the windows of a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office during a violent protest in Berkeley, California, on Sunday.

During the protest, Antifa also set a car on fire and damaged 21 other vehicles in city, slashing some of the tires and bashing out windows, Fox News reported. The group also allegedly lit trash cans on fire, adding to the destruction across the city in its fight against members of the “alt-right.” Throughout the day, police arrested 20 people who were allegedly involved in the violence and vandalism.

Why is this what we’ve resorted to?  The finger can only be pointed at the hype-inducing, hysteria-producing conflict propagandists in the legacy media.


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