Has The Populist Revolution Reached Austria?

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I reported the Populist/nationalist move to take over could be coming to France. And while many things seem to point to the same kind of event as the Trump and Brexit votes, there is another political election that may have the same driving force. And unlike France, we do not have to wait until April for the results.

The close election in Austria should be settled Sunday.

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Breitbart reports

On Sunday the people of Austria will vote one again for the new President of the country, and the choice has come down to an anti-mass migration populist and a left wing globalist.

This year’s Austrian presidential election has been the longest in the history of Austria’s second republic and is finally coming to an end on Sunday after controversy and scandal. The Austrian voters have two choices for their new head of state, the anti-mass migration populist Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party or the Left wing pro-European Union candidate Alexander Van der Bellen.

Seemingly after taking control of much of the Western World, the socialists are beginning to lose the reins of power. The people of Europe has had their fill of the false Utopia that socialism promises.

They like Americans have seen their jobs and wealth go to people other than their neighbors. This has left many disenfranchised and angry. People are waking up to the rape of their wealth and the giving away of their nations.

With Austria on the brink of an anti-EU president, and France moving in that direction, there is little hope that the Oligarchy that is the EU could prevent its collapsing.

The only question left to be answered if Hofer and Le Pen wins is what Brussels will do about the loss of its power?

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