Has the Populist Revolution Come to France?

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As I have reported, there seems to be a wave of disgust among the people of the West. Tired of empty promises, and the decline of living standards, the working class have decided that the globalist agenda has not and cannot work.

The first indication that there was something amiss was the Brexit vote. Then came the U.S. Presidential Election. No one thought that Trump had a chance against the establishment, but he won and big.

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Now we see the same kind of atmosphere in France. Many have the former Prime Minister François Fillon winning in the final election in April. The polls show that he should win comfortably. But if we are to go by polls then Hillary would have been President Elect for the last six months.

Fox reports

A brief glance at France in 2016 tells you why her message is so appealing to even moderate voters. After being hit by brutal Islamist terror rampages in Paris and Nice, the country is going through another crisis after the deconstruction of the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais. As a result, third-world migrants have flooded the streets of Paris, setting up new makeshift camps down the Champs-Élysées. Meanwhile, five Islamists were arrested last week after an “imminent” terror plot was uncovered.

Additionally, calling for harsh budget cuts to health care and pensions, while not going along with Le Pen’s call to exit the European Union and slam the border shut to migrants, hands Le Pen the golden ticket of being able to say to voters: “Fillon wants to cut your pensions and health care to pay for Muslim immigrants.” It is hard to think of message more likely to carry Le Pen into the Elysee Palace.

With Le Pen as Prime Minister, France will surely exit the EU, and the great globalist experiment in Europe might go down the drain.

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