Popular Video Games Series Makes Villains Out of Conservative Americans

It’s no secret that the mainstream media has long been a tool of the liberal left, but how far does their reach actually extend?

There are the obvious outlets of New Fascist fodder:  CNN and nearly all of the other 24-hour cable “new” outlets, print magazines and newspapers, (for the time being), and almost all of Hollywood are all working to crush America’s conservative uprising with a ferocity unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Now, however, a new frontier in the leftist canon is emerging, and it is far more immersive and intense than what we’ve previously been subjected to.

“A graphic for the latest installment of the video game series Far Cry indicates white Christian Americans from Montana will be the antagonists.

“’Far Cry 5 will tell the story of a militant Christian cult, if a piece of artwork released today by publisher Ubisoft is any indication,’ reports gamer site Polygon.

“A shocking promotional illustration features a group of flannel-wearing bearded rednecks sat around a table in poses similar to that of ‘Jesus’ Last Supper.’

 “The characters are armed and a slew of guns are strewn across the table with apple pie, a bible and red meat nearby. A bound and beaten man with the word ‘SINNER’ carved into his back sits in front.

“’The image calls to mind the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Range, in which armed militants in cowboy hats and rugged button-downs seized the headquarters of the park located in Harney County, Oregon,’ writes The Verge. ‘Though it’s likely work began on Far Cry 5 before the incident, as video games takes years to conceptualize, greenlight, and develop.’”

Now, malleable millennials will be taking to their controllers and big screen TV’s to violently execute exaggerations of the right wing of America.  This caricature of conservatism is degrading enough on its own, but making such characters the target of this game’s protagonist is downright divisive.  The left have been doing their damnedest to drive a wedge between themselves and the rest of the American populace via passive media for decades.  Now, they are moving into the active media market, allowing the virtual slaughter of American Christians in Montana.

The concept of Far Cry 5 isn’t all too surprising, as liberal propagandists have been headed in this very direction for a good, long time.  What is most worrisome is exactly what’s next for the media war against Christian conservatives.  It’s bad enough that this particular video game instills in its player the same goals as ISIS, but when it comes time to take their vitriol up another notch, where exactly will the left go from here?

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