Popular TV Actor says If He could Go Back in Time He’d Kill Hitler… or Trump

Adam Pally is an actor who is on the rise in Hollywood. He’s had a lot of opportunities to work on TV and the Internet over the last decade and he recently had a recurring role in the Mindy Project, and has finally landed his own show called Making History. Just as his new project has started (to critical praise, no less) Pally has found himself stuck in a situation that could destroy any possibility of his show being picked up for a second season.

TMZ recently caught up with Pally and their correspondent asked a couple of funny time-travel related (because his show Making History is about a time traveler) questions. Instead of hitting the softballs out of the park and earning his show (and himself) some good publicity, Pally said that if he could go back in time, he’d “have to kill Trump or Hitler.”

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Because Trump and Hitler are exactly the same, right? One of them killed more than 11 million people, tried to wipe an entire ethnic group of the face of the earth, and tried to conquer the planet. The other one is a rich guy who pays his taxes, is a social moderate, and has some conservative ideas about illegal immigration. So, EXACTLY THE SAME, right?

I think Pally quickly realized he’d just said something very stupid and he tried to correct his mistake by saying that “maybe” he should “love them more,” whatever that means. It was probably too little, too late for Pally who may have just killed his first starring role. Once Republicans hear him comparing Trump to Hitler it will be almost impossible for them to watch his show without remembering the comments, and they’ll stop watching. I’d bet that Making History is about to take a nosedive in the ratings department, and instead of making history the show will BE HISTORY.

Watch Pally make a fool of himself:

Onan Coca

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