Popular Liberal Author Attacked at Dinner as “Trump Apologist” and Russian Colluder

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Bret Easton Ellis is a brilliant writer who’s best known for his work, American Psycho, which was adapted into a Hollywood cult favorite starring Christian Bale. He’s no conservative, but his outspoken concern with the insanity of today’s modern Left has turned him into a target of ridicule in his mostly left-wing world.

We first told you about Ellis’ bewilderment at the climate of anti-Trump fury back in February when Ellis was interviewed by an Irish newspaper and quoted as saying:

“I didn’t vote Trump, I’m just saying the hysteria is bothering me a lot more than the reality of what he’s doing…

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I don’t really know what the path to power is with protest, it’s done, this is where we are. If you wanna protest, protest the DNC, protest Hillary, protest whatever. But what you’re protesting here is an elected president.

I think the protest is aiding this divisiveness, social media is aiding this, celebrity culture, the worst, is aiding it…

It happened. He was elected. He is our president. He’s moving very quickly. It’s bothering a lot of people. He is doing what he said he would do. He is elected.

I do think there has been an overreaction to what’s going on. But that’s just endemic in the culture.”

That interview incensed many of Ellis’ left-wing friends and neighbors who saw it as a capitulation to Trump, and as failing to defend their leftist values. The following week Ellis was flooded with questions about his Irish interview and he continued to defend his position that while Trump may not have been the best candidate for President, he won, and the left should relax a bit. In fact, Ellis took his condemnation of the left-wing in America even further by blasting the leftist protesters who rioted at Berkeley and who protested Milo Yiannopoulos’ planned speech. Ellis seems to take most umbrage at the left’s inability to handle any cultural opposition and he kicks at the goads of the left’s insatiable need to constantly police our conversations. On the right we call this trend of over zealous political correctness, liberal fascism, Ellis calls authoritarian PC culture.

“This complete inability to deal with shit is why Trump won. Trump decimated identity politics. He completely erased whatever the authoritarian PC culture was that emerged during the Obama era and was going to keep exploding into the Clinton era. He completely blew that up, because no-one could live under that.” 

The Left Wing isn’t done beating up on Ellis for his sins. The author is still being flooded with question about his political leanings, only now instead of coming from media outlets, they’re coming from angry leftists on the street. It seems that the writer can’t find a moment of peace because the psychotic left-wing mob keeps reminding him of how he’s disappointed them.

On Sunday in the early morning hours, Ellis took to Twitter to slam the person that refused to allow him to have a peaceful dinner. The angry leftist called Ellis a “Trump apologist” and accused the author of “colluding” with Russia!

In a series of tweets Ellis explained that he was tired of the Left and he was done talking politics because liberals are insane.

Not having political discussions with anyone anymore. Done. Too much insanity. Another dinner ruined. People are fu**ing crazy. Get a grip.

Another dinner with the Hollywood liberal establishment defending HRC, fake news, intersectionality, identity politics, PC virtue signaling.

Defending the American voter I’m yelled at in Sunset Tower for being a Trump apologist and colluding with Russia. 

Ellis ended his tweet-storm with one very simple (and a little vulgar) question… “Is the Left fu**ing NUTS?” A good question, to be sure.

Ellis is just now learning what we on the right have known for a very long time – the Left is insane.

These are not your “typical,” “old-school,” individual rights loving liberals. These are dyed in the wool hard core fascists who embrace the basic tenets of National Socialism, and that includes shutting down the rights and liberties of those who would oppose you.

I’d like to welcome Bret Easton Ellis  to our world – we’re glad you could make it, now pick up your weapon (your pen) and help us beat back the rampaging hordes (the Left) who are trying to tear down our gates.


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