Pope Francis

Pope Francis Doubles Down on Controversial Opinion, Insults Those Who Disagree

The current High Pontiff, Pope Francis, has certainly been a Pope unto his own, injecting himself into politics and science in a way that few before him have dared.

In reality, the Catholic world looks to the Pope for spiritual guidance and guile, hoping to learn from his holiness the most Godly ways to navigate our uncertain world.  There is fear lurking in the hearts and minds of man, and the Pope himself should stand as a beacon of hope and light in the face of these egregious entities.

Pope Francis, however, has been working hard at adjusting the role of the Papal position during his brief time as the head of The Vatican.  Not only has Francis eschewed a great many of Catholicism’s long-held beliefs, but he has done so in a way that has irked several evangelical politicians around the world.

One of the Pope’s favorite subjects in recent years has been the global warming hoax, of which he has been indoctrinated hook, line, and sinker.  Not only did Francis give an ultimately insulting gift to President Trump on this particular subject, but now he is insulting and admonishing those who continue to rely on science in the face of leftist hyperbole.

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Worse yet; he did so immediately after two enormous hurricanes have blasted the United States, with American leftists already hoping to pin these storms’ magnitude on their climate change fabrications.

“Pope Francis warned Monday that history will judge the actions of leaders on climate change, saying the science is clear on the matter.

“‘These aren’t opinions pulled out of thin air. They are very clear. Then [world leaders] decide and history will judge those decisions,’ Francis told reporters while on a trip to the South American country of Colombia.

“The pope urged ‘those who deny this’ to ‘go to the scientists and ask them’ because ‘they speak very clearly.’

“He brought up the topic of climate change as several major hurricanes hit the United States and the Caribbean. Climate scientists and environmental groups have used Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to point out that although global warming is not directly the cause of the storms, it is a factor making them much more devastating.

“But bringing up climate change so quickly after the storms is misplaced and insensitive to the victims, according to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. He told CNN last week that the country’s focus should be on the immediate effects of the storms, not wading into a political debate over climate change.”

The Pope’s insulting insinuation has certainly bothered more than its fair share of Floridians and Texans this week, with both groups recovering from hard-hitting hurricanes.

Furthermore, it is intrinsically dangerous for the Pope to reach so far into the political sphere by admonishing those world leaders who have studied the phenomenon objectively and come to the standard conclusion that man is not responsible for any “warming” of the earth.

Rosaries and Hail Mary’s are no problem, but Pope Francis should probably leave the ice caps and greenhouse gasses alone.

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