Pollsters See Growing Likelihood of Clinton Landslide

This is not what any conservative thought we would see a year ago. In August of 2015 we were so filled with hope. We had a large, talented pool of young, energetic, and conservative candidates to choose from for our presidential nomination. Candidates like Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry, and yes, even Donald Trump, were igniting our hopes for a bright 2016 campaign… now a year later, and the average GOP voter is feeling despondent.

Ever since the seemingly disastrous 2016 DNC came to an end Hillary Clinton has been growing her lead in every poll. The fact that Clinton has been plagued by scandal and that most of her lies have been unmasked and that each new day seems to bring a new discovery into her corruption-filled past has done nothing to slow her building momentum. Why?

Sadly, each day also seems to bring a new episode in the Trump campaign that allows the media to turn from Clinton’s crimes to Mr. Trump’s bombastic personality. We’ve not yet reached mid-August but already the pollsters see an almost insurmountable rift between Mr. Trump and the average American voter.

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki reviewed the latest polling data and took particular time to note just how difficult it would be for Mr. Trump to climb back into the race. Kornacki notes that Clinton’s current lead is larger than any lead President Obama ever enjoyed in his race against the last GOP standard bearer Mitt Romney in 2012. Not only is Clinton currently leading Trump in all of the important swing states, Trump is also falling further and further behind Clinton in states that Mitt Romney won.



It may seem like the presidential election is still far off (some 3 months away) but the reality is Donald Trump is quickly running out of time to turn this election around. Trump has now been trailing in almost all of the polls for over two weeks and as Election Day nears the opinions of voters will become more entrenched making flipping voters ever more difficult. If he’s serious about defeating Clinton come November he must begin to take the focus off of himself and the GOP and refocus the attention of the nation on Hillary Clinton and her lawless, corrupt behavior.

It has to happen soon because Trump, the GOP, and America herself is running out of time.

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