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POLL: Vegas Attack Doesn’t Deter Americans From Valuing Gun Rights

The Las Vegas massacre of October 1st was one of the most horrific tragedies to every occur in our nation, and now America is left wondering what is next.

Of course, given the nature of Stephen Paddock’s rampage, democratic liberals have been quick to turn to gun control legislation in the wake of the shooting that left 58 dead and more than 500 injured.  Of particular concern among the liberals were the often misunderstood accessories known as “bump stocks”, that redirect recoil in semi-automatic weapons in order to create a smoother firing experience.  Democrats erroneously described these devices as being able to covert a semi-automatic rifle to “full auto” in order to drum up support for their legislation via fear.

In reality, bump stocks do not change the fact that every projectile must be accompanied by the pull of the trigger, maintaining a weapon’s status as semi-automatic.

Despite the liberal campaign to vilify such accessories, however, Americans remain steadfast in their support for the 2nd Amendment as it stands, with no infringements necessary or desired…at least according to a new poll.

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“The poll, conducted by Politico/Morning Consult, found that 47 percent of voters supported gun rights versus 42 percent who supported gun control.

“Politico reported the findings, which also showed that voters who supported Trump stand for gun rights over gun control by a margin of 48 percent to 46 percent.

“This is not to say gun control is without its supporters, but Politico reports that support for ‘limiting gun ownership’ is largely driven by Democrat voters. For example, 63 percent of Democrat voters support limiting gun ownership while only 25 percent believe protecting gun rights is more important. Republicans are just the the opposite with ’70 percent [saying] it’s more important to protect gun rights, compared with 23 percent who say limiting gun ownership is more important.’

“Support for gun control was also strongest among voters who do not have a gun their household. Twenty-seven percent of those without guns in their homes support gun rights over gun control while 66 percent of voters ‘with at least one gun in the household think it’s more important to protect gun rights.’”

Gun control is nothing more than the de facto, knee jerk response that the left defaults to any time violence is carried out with a firearm, with the exception of locales such as Chicago, where their pathetic gun-ban has done far more harm than good.

In the cases of Chicago, and other “gun free zones” that regularly see firearm violence, the left turns to an obtuse, pie-in-the-sky argument regarding the abolishment of all guns…something that history and common sense tells us is completely unacceptable and ineffective.

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