Poll Reveals Majority Police Do NOT Support More Gun Control

During the past 8-years, Barack Obama has waged war on the Second Amendment and guns. He made it obviously known that he intended to pass a barrage of gun control bills. Some would ban assault weapons, another would ban assault-style weapons, another would ban all semi-automatic firearms as well as banning large ammunition magazines and limit the amount of ammunition a person could buy within a given time period. He also pushed for universal background checks that would encompass gun and trade shows as well as all current gun owners and any exchange of firearm ownership. His universal background check concept would even require a background check be run on a grandfather and his grandson if the grandfather wanted to give his grandson one of his own guns. It would also require background checks on anyone gaining ownership of a firearm in the case of a family death and terms of a will. Basically, Obama wanted the government to know the name and location of every gun owner, just like Nazi Germany and some communist countries did just before the confiscated everyone’s guns.

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In his campaign to disarm the American public, Obama and other anti-Second Amendment advocates tried to convince the American people that most law enforcement officers also supported stronger gun control laws. However, like many of the rhetoric espoused by gun control advocates, the one claiming the majority of law enforcement officers are supporters of stronger gun control laws is a lie.

They pointed to a few law enforcement leaders that were pro-gun control.

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In 2013, Ammoland published a post titled: ‘Why So Many Police Chiefs Favor Gun Control, When Most Sheriffs Don’t’.

In 2015, another major news source published a post claiming that US police chiefs were calling for background checks. Another posted that police chiefs in Maine were endorsing tighter gun control laws.

However, do these reports honestly reflect the opinions on the majority of law enforcement officers?

In 2013, I reported on the Utah Sheriff’s Association where 28 of the 29 Sheriffs in Utah signed a letter to President Obama telling him that they will not enforce any federal gun laws or executive orders that violate the US Constitution and the Second Amendment.  In Oregon, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden informing him that he will not enforce any unconstitutional gun laws or executive orders.

Perhaps one of the more well-known county sheriffs in the land is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  He announced that he would refuse to enforce any unconstitutional gun laws or executive orders. Unfortunately for the nearly 4 million residents of Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe was defeated in the November election by a liberal anti-gun Democrat who was funded by very wealthy anti-gun fanatics from out of state.

In 2013, my own county sheriff has also taken up the mantle of protecting the US Constitution and Second Amendment.  Boone County Sheriff Michael Helmig issued the following statement on the department’s Facebook page:

“January 16, 2013

I have received numerous phone calls, e-mails, and in person questions from citizens who are concerned about their Second Amendment Rights. I would like to share with you my position on the Second Amendment, which I am a staunch supporter of. During my 30+ year career I have been committed to the safety and security of our citizens.

In 1982, I took an oath prescribed by the Kentucky Constitution to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In addition to that oath, every Sheriff swears to an additional oath, required by state statute. Furthermore, the first page of our policy and procedure manual is the Bill of Rights.

Every Deputy Sheriff has taken these oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as well as the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I do not believe the Federal Government or any individual in the Federal Government has the right to dictate to the states, counties or municipalities any mandate, regulation or administrative rule that violates the United States Constitution or it various amendments. I would view any such mandate, regulation or administrative rule illegal and refuse to carry it out.


Sheriff Michael A. Helmig
Boone County, Kentucky”

In early 2014, the Democratic controlled Colorado legislature passed a number of anti-Second Amendment gun control laws.  The laws were so restrictive and unjust that firearm related companies began moving out of the state.  The Outdoor Channel cancelled 4 programs being filmed in Colorado.

Shortly after the laws were passed, 37 county sheriffs joined together to file a legal challenge to all of the anti-gun laws passed by the legislature.  They contended that the new laws that set limits on magazine capacity and requiring background checks for all gun sales or transfers, including private ones, violate the Second Amendment.  By the time the lawsuit was actually filed, the number of county sheriffs that signed onto the legal challenge grew from 37 to 54.

A year later, 55 of the state’s 62 county sheriffs have banded together to tell the state legislature and governor that they refuse to enforce the state’s gun-control laws, especially the one restricting magazine capacity.  The sheriffs say that not only are the laws unconstitutional but they are also unenforceable.

In 2015, Detroit Police Chief James Craig spoke out against some gun control laws and credited the increase in concealed carry weapons with a 12% drop in crime.

Recently Pew Research polled nearly 8,000 law enforcement officers throughout the nation on a number of issues. One of those issues had to do with gun control. The liberal mainstream media also highly publicized any and all reports of police chiefs who supported stricter gun control laws. In their poll, 67% of the police that responded opposed a ban on assault-style weapons.

I have friends and family involved now or formerly in law enforcement and all of them are opposed to the vast majority of gun control laws. They oppose banning any firearm and most oppose the universal background checks pushed by Obama. Most believe that all of these anti-gun measures are direct violations of the Second Amendment and they all say that they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution as well as the laws.

Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bloomberg and others don’t want you know that the majority of law enforcement personnel are opposed to gun control. Just think of how much that would harm their argument?


Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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