American Dream

POLL: President Trump Has Brought Back The American Dream

The idea of the American Dream is one of those fantastic intangibles that only exists in a nation as incredible as our own.

That “dream” could truly be anything.  Owning your own business, achieving success at work, or finding the right education could all be facets of one another’s own American Dream, and that’s the beauty of the concept:  Just like everything else in America, it is up to you to decide the what, where, and how of those goals are achieved.

While it may be impossible to define the American Dream outside of the broad and vague “opportunity” ethos, we all know that when the country suffers so does the likelihood of someone in America achieving this “dream”.  Adverse conditions, such as the bubble bursting in the housing market or the implementation of the disastrous Affordable Cart Act will alter our ability to see the dream through, and inevitably find Americans in a negative space when it comes to the magical “American Dream”.

According to a new poll, however, the presidency of Donald Trump has done wonders for this mythical, wonderful concept, with an enormous percentage of Americans believing that they are well on their way to achieving their own version of this ultimate goal.

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“America’s long national nightmare over failing to achieve the American Dream is over.

“Three years after six in 10 Americans said their dream of a great life was unachievable, now 82 percent believe their either achieved the dream or are on their way.

“’Despite persistently low levels of public satisfaction with the state of the nation, most Americans say they have achieved the American dream or are on their way to achieving it. Only about one-in-five (17 percent) say the American dream is “out of reach” for their family,’ according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

“The results join several others pointing to a recovered economy and wealth of jobs in America.

“The switch cited by Pew would appear to put an end to years of depressing polls and surveys showing that the vague American Dream was dimming.

“In 2014, for example, CNN’s American Dream project said that 60 percent believed it was unattainable and even more said that their children would not live a better life than them.”

This incredible statistic also flies in the face of renewed threats, both foreign and domestic, that have plagued our nation in the past year.

We have North Korea and ISIS both threatening to cause harm to Americans in a big way, as well as the radical left and their Antifa errand boys running amok in our streets, yet the American Dream persists in a big way.  No longer are U.S. citizens afraid of trying, in spite of these threats, and that is truly a remarkable measure of the resilience of our nation.

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