Poll: Media Campaign to Grow Racial Hostility is Working (VIDEO)

The media has done all it can to produce racial hostility so it should be no surprise that opinions are shifting.

When each race says the other race is biased against them, that is racial hostility.

The speaker acts like it is surprising that both blacks and whites believe that there is racism against them.

There is nothing less surprising.

Americans have watched the media lie that Donald Trump is a racist for over a year. They have every reason to believe that many blacks believe this (not all). Trump attracts massive crowds and won the Republican primary with record-breaking numbers.

So if you’re a white, you get the idea that massive numbers of blacks believe that many large numbers of you are bigots. They regard you as a bigot based on racial stereotypes encouraged by the media.

By definition that is racism.

That’s just one line of evidence. There’s also the fact that the media derides people like Ben Carson as not representative of blacks, but promotes blacks who want to beat down whites and burn the suburbs down.

In fact, if a majority of blacks think there is widespread racism among whites, that is racism.

Worse, racism is associated with a political litmus test in the media. Conservatives know they can be branded as a racist on the basis of not being a liberal.

In fact, arguably, white liberals are far more racist, advocating black ignorance as poverty. Thomas Sowell writes,

Education is an issue with little, if any, down side for the Republicans, because the teachers’ unions are the single biggest obstacle to black youngsters getting a decent education — and among the biggest donors to the Democrats.

Among the few signs of educational success for low-income minority children in the public schools are the KIPP and Success Academy charter schools. But teachers’ unions are bitterly opposed to increases in the number of such schools, and Democrats do what the teachers’ unions want, because money talks.

As long as blacks vote automatically for Democrats, while the teachers’ unions insist on getting their money’s worth, it is all but inevitable that the education of black children will be sacrificed in the public schools, wherever Democrats are in control.

As much as the poll results are understandable, we have to find a way to get past our fear of prejudice against us and our ideas and work on persuasion. As Sowell says, “a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

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