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POLL: Even After 8 Months of “Resistance”, Trump Still More Favorable Than Clinton

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For the better part of the last 8 months, the nation has been inundated with wild leftist opposition to the agenda of our fairly elected President, Donald J. Trump.

By the time that the liberal democrats realized that Americans were turning against them and their criminal candidate Hillary Clinton it was already too late.  It didn’t take much either, after decades of being in the public spotlight, including a shoddy stint as Secretary of State, the former First Lady was an easy target to those looking to expose Washington corruption.  After Wikileaks exposed a number of scandals from within her 2016 campaign, Hillary’s chances at reaching the Oval Office were completely bankrupt.

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Thus began the onslaught of opposition to President Trump, committed by the radical left of our nation, and perpetuated by Hollywood and the mainstream media’s liberal psychosis.  This so-called “resistance” has been steadily fuming in the general direction of The Donald, opposing every minute detail of the President’s being.  It has permeated our culture, suffocating even the most moderate opinions of those employing common sense to the matter, and creating a vitriolic atmosphere of near-violence at all times.

Embarrassingly for the democrats, whose party is quite literally fracturing as we speak, this sustained assault on the President hasn’t moved the needle on their show horse Hillary, who is still lagging behind the besieged republican Commander in Chief in favorability polls.

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“A new Bloomberg poll shows that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is even more unfavorable than President Donald Trump.

“While only 41 percent of respondents in the poll said they had a more favorable than unfavorable view of President Trump, Clinton’s favorability rating was even lower, at 39 percent.

“A full 58 percent of respondents found Clinton to be more unfavorable than favorable.

“Those numbers are even lower than what Clinton faced during her 2016 presidential campaign. In June 2016, Clinton was viewed favorably by 43 percent of voters and unfavorably by 54 percent.

“Meanwhile, Trump’s favorability has jumped considerably since June 2016, when he only had a 31 percent favorability rating.”

It seems that, even with the mainstream media sitting in their corner, the left is having a hard time regaining their previous trustworthiness with the American people.

And rightly so.  The egregious and unethical revelations that were made regarding Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign will one day be remembered as the final straw of the progressive left who attempted to nominate a radical democratic socialist, but were stymied by the overwhelming power of the Washington machine.  Now, the democratic party is falling apart before our very eyes, most likely for the best, as Hillary Clinton emerges as the Trojan Horse of corruption that brought their empire crashing down.

As such, it is no surprise that the democrats are falling out of favor with Americans.

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