Politifact Claims Non-Bias, Twitter Users Verbally Tear Them Asunder

We are living in a world where the idea of “truth” has been turned a bit upside down.

Stephen Colbert, while still in character at Comedy Central, predicted just such a moment when he began pushing the satirical phrase “truthiness”.  The idea was that hyperbole would get so out of line that we would be forced to mitigate our idea of the objective truth through the lens of whatever source we are receiving said information from.

That time is here.  Just take a cursory look at the slant we see within the corporate media if you need proof.  Every headline from the New York Times, or every shocking “twist” to be revealed after a commercial break on MSNBC is scripted for outrage and division, as this is a great way to galvanize loyalty in the liberal ranks.

There is a truth arms race occurring as we speak.  Organizations such as Snopes and Politifact are attempting to stake claim to the truth itself by ensnaring Twitter, Facebook, and other media gatekeepers to their corners.  This is like saying that American owns the moon simply because our flag is on it.

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In other words, this is merely a shallow and pathetic attempt to self-aggrandize a series of organizations made up of men and women who are no more or less fallible, gullible, or honest than the rest of us.

So when Politifact attempted to piggyback on a tweet by famous scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson this week, users on the social platform put them right back in their place.

I’m not sure which marketing or branding manager proofread that, but, I do have to admit, you could put some inspirational music behind it and pass it off as something profound…it it just weren’t so darn subjective.

Twitter let them have it, predictably.

And, my personal favorite:



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