Politico Tweets Classless Cartoon Portraying Texans as Religious Hillbillies

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a number of vile and reprehensible actions and reactions have occurred, many emanating from within the storm’s path.

There have been numerous reports of looting in the greater Houston metropolitan area, along with unbelievable accounts of these same looters opening fire on civilian rescue squads and firefighters alike, making the recovery of stranded Americans nearly impossible at times.  Price gouging has been another concern, as reportedly reputable businesses turn to greed in order to cash in on the plight of the state.

At the same time, outside media sources have been errant in their duties as well, eschewing their journalistic responsibilities in order to chase ratings and ad revenue.  CNN has been the number one offender, unsurprisingly, as one Harvey survivor and mother decided that, FCC be damned, she would give the insensitive liberal network a profanity-laden piece of her mind live on air yesterday.

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Now, Politico has joined the fray, tweeting out a link to an insensitive and vile political cartoon that displays affected Texans in an absurdly negative light.

“Politico’s latest satirical cartoon raised eyebrows and enflamed passions around the country on Wednesday; mocking Texan storm victims as dim-witted, religious zealots who want to secede from the United States.

“The illustration, by artist Matt Wuerker, depicts a Hurricane Harvey victim being airlifted to safety while proclaiming, ‘Angels! Sent by God.’ The Texan is corrected by the first responder, saying ‘Actually Coast Guard.. sent by the Government.’

“To add insult to injury, the victim is portrayed wearing a Confederate flag shirt and his flooded home has a ‘SECEDE’ banner on the roof.”

Furthermore, the Texan pictured in the cartoon is seen wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt, oversized Stetson, and a toothy grin, all meant to represent this victim as some sort of liberal mockup of a “redneck”.

The leftist media has no love for the southern portions of these United States, a fact that has been well documented in recent weeks.  This cartoon, however, pushes the bounds of journalistic morality with its offensive, generalized stereotypes at a time in which a great many in the Lone Star State are suffering…or worse.

At the time of this publication, Politico has yet to issue an apology for their inappropriate actions.


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