Some Politicians are Consistent: GOP Senator Reminds White House Congress Must Authorize Military Action in Syria

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Liberals might not like conservatives, but there has to be a realization that today’s right-wing is less hypocritical than the left-wing. Case in point, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

Senator Paul was a guest on Brian Kilmeade’s Fox News radio show on Thursday where he explained that he had cautioned the Trump administration AGAINST pursuing military action in Syria without first securing Congressional approval. In fact, it was one of the specific things he had pushed Ambassador Nikki Haley on when she appeared before his committee during her confirmation process.

“The first thing we ought to do is probably obey the Constitution. When Nikki Haley came before my committee and I voted for her, I asked her that question. ‘Will you try to take us to war? Will you advocate for war without constitutional or congressional authority?’ And she said no. So I assumed what she means by this is that, the President, if he decides to do something in Syria, he would come to Congress and ask for a declaration of war. Short of Congress voting on it, I’m opposed to illegal and unconstitutional wars.”

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Senator Paul added that he had the deepest sympathies for the people of Syria but that military action had to be carefully weighed by first considering the impact of such an action here at home.

“I have the greatest amount of sympathy, I can’t see those pictures, it’s heartrending to see those pictures, but going to war we have to decide, will it be better or worse? Will we improve our national security? Are we threatened currently by Syria, and if we go to war is (Syrian President Bashar al-)Assad likely to use less chemical weapons or more? There’s some argument for the more cornered and the more defeated in some ways more likely they are to use chemical weapons and actually for the less defeated they are that they’re less likely to use them. The bottom line is it’s horrific.”

If it seems that you recognize the commentary, it’s because this is the same message that Rand Paul was consistently sending to the Obama administration for the last eight years. The Executive Branch CANNOT send our military to fight without first being advised by and then getting permission for such action from Congress. Why? Because Congress is us. Congress is supposed to be the people. Each and every member of Congress represents the people of their districts and when they vote for war they are essentially saying that the people they represent are voting for war. It’s deadly serious, and the consequences are life and death.

Thank you Senator Paul for your consistency and showing the Democrat Party that it is possible to be a politician in D.C. without being a total hypocrite.

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