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Political Correctness Hits New Low in Removal of Honest Abe Likeness

There is a terribly pervasive movement among the radical leftists of America, in which they believe emotions should outrank history.

It is this odd and asinine belief that has been at the forefront of the progressive charge to rewrite the First Amendment to include a clause that negates free speech if those words could possibly hurt someone’s feelings.  Of course, it doesn’t take any rational American very long to realize that this out of control version of political correctness is the very antithesis of the First Amendment’s guarantees.

That hasn’t stopped the left from seizing on the nation’s fear in order to march forward with their bizarre hope of censoring those with whom they disagree.

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For years, radical progressives were limiting their fight against free speech to hate groups, such as white supremacists and neo-nazis.  They conveniently ignored leftist hate organizations, however, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, since members of those groups often vote democrat.

Now, however, a shift has occurred that has left anyone vulnerable to this madness, including one of the greatest Presidents that America has ever known.

“On Sunday, The American Mirror reported that New Jersey’s Camden County High School removed a piece of student-created art that portrayed Abraham Lincoln and Confederate President Jefferson David to avoid potential offense — even though no one complained about the artwork.

“According to Kyle Olson the artwork was ‘created collaboratively between students at two schools was removed by administrators because it also included the likeness of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.’

“’In light of the recent controversy in Charlottesville and throughout the country, we have recently removed the painting from the wall outside the media center,’ Camden County High School Principal Billie Berry said.”

Many in the free press have likened these historical revisions to an American leftist jihad, and rightfully so.

The idea that any modern political party has the right to decide what pieces of history are allowed to be recalled, especially within the confines of academia, is an absurd and amoral proposition.  By eliminating the possibility that America had, at one time, made some egregious errors in judgement does an enormous disservice to our future generations.  Without the reality of history, who is to say that we wouldn’t walk those same erroneous paths again?


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