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Political Air Ball: Lebron James Leaving Cavaliers Over Owner’s Trump Support

Thanks to ESPN’s ill-conceived foray into liberal media shenanigans, the U.S. sporting world is being politicized at an alarming rate.

When the world’s most watched sports network decided to fire legendary baseball player and commentator Curt Schilling last year, a great many Americans were outraged.  Schilling, whose personal opinions are most certainly considered conservative, lost his lucrative gig at ESPN not for pushing his political agenda on the air, but because of a tweet he published during the ludicrous battle over transgender bathrooms in 2016.

ESPN, who was just beginning to show signs of their liberal slant, immediately canned Curt due to his tweet, cementing their fate as just another piece of the leftist river of biased information.

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This move has had the unfortunate effect of emboldening a number of other sports personalities to try their hand at politicking, but almost exclusively from the left side of the aisle.  Certainly, ESPN’s willingness to give airtime to liberal causes was seen as a boon for these overpaid athletes in the age of social media, so they took to their Twitter accounts and their soapboxes in order to find their 15 minutes of politically-charged fame.

The most infamous of these publicity stunts so far has been the anti-American Anthem protests of Colin Kaepernick and others in the NFL.  You cannot turn on ESPN for more than an hour without hearing about someone’s decision to sit, kneel, or even eat during the National Anthem.

Now, to add fuel to the political-sporting fire, the nation’s most overrated basketball player is putting his hat in the ring.

“On Wednesday, prominent NBA writer Chris Sheridan, who broke the 2014 news of LeBron bolting from Miami to go back to Cleveland, took to Twitter and broke some more news involving the superstar.

“LeBron and owner Dan Gilbert’s relationship was rocky immediately after the 2010 ‘Decision’ when Gilbert wrote a scathing piece about him never winning a title. It reportedly got even worse when Gilbert donated $750K to the Donald Trump campaign and LeBron has been highly critical of the President over the past few days following the events in Charlottesville.”

James’ undeniably childish move comes just one day after the NBA star unloaded a scathing criticism of Donald Trump’s multiple statements on Charlottesville’s Weekend War.

For James and other devout leftists, President Donald Trump will always be the enemy, and will forever be a target of hate and propaganda.  Now, with the lines blurring between athletes and celebrities, and between athletes and politics, Lebron’s major move coming as a result of his team owner’s political beliefs opens the door for the left to invade our sporting world as well.

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