Polish President Lays Down The Law on European Union’s Asinine Policies

We were reminded once again yesterday that Europe is still deep within the throes of a radical Islamic terror tirade that could last for decades.

The bucket bomb that detonated on the London subway at rush hour yesterday claimed 22 more victims of radical Islam in Europe.  Thankfully, the device underperformed in its dastardly task, and these 22 are expected to survive.

Such is the state of Europe in 2017.  Radical Islamic terror has been at an all time high, with 5 attacks already having occurred in England alone in 2017.  France, Germany, Finland, and handful of other nations have also been forced to deal with ISIS and their cronies in recent months, with a great many of these incident resulting in far more tragic endings than yesterdays’ botched bucket bomb.

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The world at large has a fairly succinct idea of what exactly has caused this spurt of terror to grip Europe in 2017, but the globalists and leftists of the world are doing everything in their power to deny the truth, including enlisting the mainstream media on several continents to help promote their denial agenda.

The President of Poland, however, is not one of those delusional dimwits.

“The President of Poland has said ‘There is no doubt the growing wave of terrorism is linked to migration’ following the latest terror bombing in London.

“Andrzej Duda, who represents the conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS), was speaking in the Maltese capital of Valetta, where he was attending a meeting of the Arraiolos Group, which brings together presidents of EU member-states.

“’If the EU is to employ — in its internal and external relations — far-reaching political correctness, which I would rather call a kind of naivety, then we will not solve this problem,’ he warned — a clear swipe at the bloc’s continued efforts to punishconservatives countries in Central Europe which oppose the migrant influx.

“Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said Poland was open to accepting migrants from struggling European countries such as Belarus and Ukraine — issuing 1,267,000 visas to the latter in 2016 — but would not accept migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

“Paweł Soloch, who heads the Polish National Security Office, explained the rationale for this decision following the Barcelona terror attacks on August 17th:

“’We are convinced by the latest attacks that there is a natural base for terrorists where a large number of poorly integrated Muslims live,’ he said bluntly. ‘I see a growing number of Muslim refugees and a surge of terrorism.’”

It seems that the politically liberal, both in Europe and abroad, are fond of their own pie-in-the-sky concept of reality, and are choosing to willfully ignore the plight of their own people.

In the case of Poland, the conservative nation has joined Slovakia and Hungary as member nations of the European Union who are unwilling to accept these potentially dangerous refugees.  Not to coincidentally, these three nations have been largely unaffected by the horrific surge of terror that has plagued the remainder of the continent.

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