Polish President Slams “Fake News” after Ridiculous Anti-Trump Story

Polish President Andrzej Duda got a first hand taste of the kind of “journalism” that American President, Donald Trump has been dealing with for months.

Yesterday, after Trump’s landmark speech in Warsaw, the mainstream American media ran a breathless story about the embarrassment foisted upon Trump by Duda’s wife, who refused to shake the President’s hand. Seriously, CNN, the Washington Post, Newsweek as well as several other organizations ran with a story that the Polish First Lady flat out refused to shake the President’s hand.

During President Donald Trump’s trip to Warsaw, he went in for a handshake with Poland’s first lady and appears to have been left hanging.

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Videos show Trump clearly extend his hand to Agata Kornhauser-Duda, but she seemingly ignores his outstretched arm in favor of shaking hands with First Lady Melania Trump.

Although it appeared to be a deliberate snub initially, the full footage shows Kornhauser-Duda shaking the president’s hand immediately after the first lady’s.

It turns out that the video that liberals released was edited to make it seem as if the First Lady had just left President Trump hanging, but the full video (which isn’t much longer) shows the truth – she shook his hand moments after shaking Melania Trump’s hand.

The Polish President was shocked and disgusted by the media’s fallacious response to the situation. In fact, he was so perturbed that he echoed President Trump in his attack on the reporting, calling for everyone to fight back against “FAKE NEWS.”

Yes, all around the world people are beginning to wake up to the disaster that has become the mainstream American media.

Here’s the video liberals ran with to argue that Trump had been humiliated:

Here’s CNN’s Chris Cillizza responding to said video:

Ten minutes later Cillizza was back after likely realizing the video was much ado about nothing:

But Newsweek had a full 9 or 10 hours to view the whole video before their report, and they still presented the edited and untrue material:


USA Today’s story was just as bad, they went with this as their headline:

“Conservatives say Polish first lady didn’t snub Trump handshake”

They later changed their headline to spin the story, here’s what they changed it to:

“Conservatives say Trump handshake snub is fake news”

My question is… does the media really not see their bias against Trump and the GOP? Just look at the reaction to the possibility that the Polish First Lady had snubbed Trump. The mainstream media reacted with absolute joy at the possibility, and then when they realized they were wrong they tried to spin the story and make it about conservatives and our view of “fake news.”

It’s absolutely stunning.

On Fox & Friends noted liberal, but Trump friend, Geraldo Rivera seemed to notice the same thing I did about the reaction from the left:

Geraldo Rivera said the glee from the mainstream media after the apparent snub shows many journalists’ “inbred hatred” of the president. 

He particularly called out CNN political analyst Chris Cilizza for tweeting as if he had “won the lottery” after the “snub” began to go viral.

See Geraldo’s reaction about 14:20 into the video:



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