Gun-Rights Activist Is Being Prosecuted With This Ridiculous Charge [VIDEO]

A pro-Second-Amendment mom became a gun accident victim when her four-year-old got hold of her gun.

There is no doubt the mother did not intend to become a gun accident victim and thought she had kept the gun away from her child. Here’s an earlier story about the incident.

Now according to the Associated Press, the cops want the mother to be charged with a crime.

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This is how it happened:

Putnam County Sheriff’s Capt. Gator DeLoach said Tuesday that Jamie Gilt put a loaded gun underneath the front seat and the weapon slid into the back where her son Lane was riding in a booster seat. Authorities said the child had recently learned how to unbuckle himself and picked up the gun. The boy fired through the front seat, hitting his mother in the back.

So the mother thought her gun was out of sight and out of reach. She didn’t realize that the gun slid away. Nor do we know if the child had ever gotten out of his seat while the vehicle was moving before. The mother obviously did not expect it.

But the police want to charge this woman with “allowing a child access to a firearm.”

It is pretty clear that this woman’s advocacy for the Second Amendment has been a prominent part of the story. Is she being punished for that advocacy?

One might consider how police behave when one of their own actually shoots someone by accident. Consider this story from Columbus, Ohio, in which a four-year-old girl was mistakenly shot by an officer. I’m afraid it is pretty typical.

That happened months ago. The police are insisting their officer did nothing wrong and are denying allegations that the officer left the scene before the paramedics arrive. I understand their reaction and do not assume this was anything more than an accident.

But if a person who accidentally shoots a little girl has no charges filed against him, they why should a gun accident victim be punished for being shot?

Yes, guns are dangerous. Yes, accidents can happen. Yes, this mother was not careful enough. But she hurt no one but herself. Why should police officers and people who aren’t police officers be judged by different standards? That woman had as much right to possess a firearm as that officer did.

According to Associated Press, the mother is being investigated by the state’s child welfare agency. Plainly, she’s being punished enough.

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