Black Lives Matter

Police in St. Louis Steal Black Lives Matter Chant During Protest Arrests

The city of St. Louis has been under siege for several nights as protesters raged over the acquittal of former police officer Jason Stockley.

Stockley, who was found not guilty in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith after a high speed pursuit, was acquitted after requesting non-jury bench trial.  Predictably, the always anxious Black Lives Matter domestic terror organization rallied their troops to bring chaos to the streets of the Missouri city, once again overshadowing the issue they took offense to with their own criminal actions.

Police in St. Louis have been widely dispatched for the continued rioting, with the force being spread so thin that international rock band U2 was forced to cancel their concert on account of security concerns.  Simply put, the anemic remainder of the St. Louis police force not responding to the spread of anarchy that Black Lives Matter wrought on the town would have been unable to maintain safety at the show.

Now, as these protests once again much the bounds of acceptable duration and behavior, police in St. Louis have been forced to make arrests.  During the melee, one group of officers were able to appropriate one of Black Lives Matter’s most ubiquitous chants to prove their point about those who wish the break the law in Missouri.

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“Amid Sunday night’s violent protests against St. Louis police, some officers chanted “’whose streets, our streets’ — a defiant refrain often used by Black Lives Matter protesters themselves — after making arrests, media members claimed.

“David Carson, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer, tweeted that the chant on Tucker Boulevard rang out twice, that the Associated Press journalists heard it and that he confirmed with civilians closer to the officers and two officers at the scene that the chant occurred.

“The AP reported that ‘buses brought in additional officers in riot gear, and police scoured downtown deep into the night, making arrests and seizing at least five weapons, according to [Interim Police Chief Lawrence] O’Toole. Later, officers in riot gear gathered alongside a city boulevard chanting ‘whose street, our street’ — a common refrain used by the protesters — after clearing the street of demonstrators and onlookers.’”

The use of the chant by police has helped to underscore one of the most egregious fallacies being promoted by BLM and their radical leftist brethren; that they are somehow above the law.

It is not only during these riotous bouts of looting and violence in which this self-righteous posturing occurs either.  In reality, the perverse leftist idea that “social justice” is somehow more legitimate than actual justice has been the impetus for a great many of these horrifically violent outbursts by misguided racists and miscreants.

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