Are Police Preparing for Trump Impeachment Riots?

If you are unlucky enough to be inundated with the mainstream media’s take on politics this week, you are surely of the belief that the impeachment of President Trump is now inevitable.

It has been merely hours since the first democrats began whispering the “I” word to one another in Washington.  For them, it must seem like a relief to finally be able to say out loud what they’ve been thinking since November 9th, 2016.  Their game plan was never to allow Trump to succeed, instead, chipping away at his very ethos with attacks on every minute move he made.  At one point, the media narrative literally devolved into a discussion about how many scoops of ice cream the President had with dessert, and what that says about him.

Given the impending inevitability of impeachment, at least according to the liberal, lunatic left, it comes as no surprise that many Americans are emotionally and mentally preparing themselves for the blowback from such a move.  Not only will our international enemies recognize this governmental disruption as an opportunity to further rail against the greatest nation on the planet, but left-leaning twerps the nation over will fully transform themselves from crybabies into arrogant showboats.

One very real concern, however, is civil unrest.

Thanks to the bitter and raucous election of 2016, in which career criminal Hillary Clinton stoked rumors of Trump’s allegiance to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and the New Fascist movement employed “black bloc” techniques to liken Trump supporters to meager thugs, this truly will not end peacefully.

It is with that certainty that many police forces across the nation are gearing up for something big.

“According to an investigation by Muckrock which is based on Freedom of Information Act requests, numerous different police departments have spent six figure sums on things like ‘bean bag launchers, smoke grenades, pepper spray launchers, to plated body armor, helmets with protective visors and throat guards, and aluminum batons,’ in the last five years, and the total outlay is increasing.

“Take Denver for example; Spending on riot gear by the Denver Police Department has increased every year since 2012, with a $32,409 outlay on ‘less lethal’ weaponry in 2012 surging to $136,538 in 2016, while spending on ‘protective gear’ spiked from $162,920 in 2012 to $282,947 in 2016.

“As we reported last year, manufacturers of riot control products saw an uptick in demand that coincided with the election campaign, including requests for surveillance drones and new systems that deploy water canons to ‘handle large crowds and demonstration(s).’”

The unseating of a President, especially on the flimsy reasoning behind the already-debunked Russian allegations, could mean an outbreak of violence in our purposefully divided nation.  With the left driving a narrative of dissonance in hopes of galvanizing their often-meager miscreants to action, they are sitting atop a powder keg of political novices who’ve grown up witnessing antigovernment violence through the romantic lenses of Hollywood.  For them, the ousting of Trump would be a plot point to incorporate into their social media storyline.

The consequences, in reality, could be dire.

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