Police Called on Cop Attending College Class After Student Freaks Out

A Loyola University professor called the cops after receiving a complaint from a student saying “he was uncomfortable having an armed police officer in the class”, even though he has sat in the same class for six weeks with this officer.

That means the complaining student knew who the officer was.

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Josh Collins, a sergeant in the New Orleans sheriff’s department, attends classes at Loyola when he is not working. This past week one of his professors called the police on him after he showed up in class in his uniform and wearing his gun.  He addressed the incident in a Facebook post stating, “Given how busy we have been this past week, including today, I showed up to class late and was still in full uniform because I didn’t have time to change.” he wrote.

“Obviously, being in full police uniform, I was armed. This is the first time after having six previous classes that anyone became aware of my profession. Shortly after my arrival, a fellow classmate complained to the professor of their uncomfortableness of having an armed police officer in the class,” he continued.

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The professor called the police behind Collins back and then pulled Collins out of class to tell him that he had called the police because the student complained. But the police never came because Collins was perfectly within the law.

Collins wrote. “As a police officer, I feel as though I must hide my profession in order to obtain a fair education.”

Representatives from Loyola University said that Collins post was not the whole story and that it was all a big misunderstanding. They said that Collins was wearing his SWAT fatigues not the typical police uniform.  According to Laura Kurzu, Loyola’s VP for Marketing and Communications, said that Loyola has since reached out to Officer Collins to apologize after seeing how upset he was. “We are grateful for all our students and their contributions to our programs and want everyone on our campus to feel safe, comfortable, and included,” Kurzu said.

Collins posted on Facebook this comment stating,  “…how ironical and dumbfounding is it that you called the police to tell them that there was a police officer sitting in your class. Loyola University, a Jesuit Institution, prides itself on its commitment to social justice. However, in creating an environment where everyone is accepted for who they are, you have now created an environment where I have been ostracized. As a police officer, I feel as though I must hide my profession in order to obtain a fair education.

Funniest of all, the title of the class is LAW AND MORALITY.”

“Loyola University New Orleans unequivocally supports police officers and the courageous women and men of our nation’s armed forces,” a statement from the university read. “These men and women protect us all, and they protect our Constitutional rights. We are without question grateful for their service.”

The incident with Officer Collins at Loyola is an example of the anti-police mentality propagated by Barack Obama. In his time in office, Obama has repeatedly condemned police for doing their job and in most of those instances, Obama judged before knowing all the facts. Sadly, when Obama did learn all the facts, he chose to continue to vilify law enforcement while praising and emboldening criminals.

Obama’s actions have led to an open hunting season on police as the number of law enforcement officers, that are shot and killed in the line of duty, have skyrocketed since he took office. Instead of our young people and young adults being taught to respect law enforcement, thanks to Obama, they are being taught to mistrust them and disrespect them.

I wonder what that student would say if he/she were in danger and called the police for help and protection and it ended up being Officer Collins who responded to the call?

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