Pocahontas to be next President?

A recent poll is pointing to a harsh reality for Conservatives: Elizabeth Warren may be our next President.

A survey of slightly more than 2,000 voters reveals that, among Democrats, Elizabeth Warren is tied with Barack Obama for being the leader of the Democratic Party.

After Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama, their next choice for president is Elizabeth Warren. Among Democrats only, Warren gets more votes for the 2020 presidential candidate (10%) than Hillary Clinton does (5%).

There’s a power vacuum in the Democratic Party right now. There is uncertainty in the public and in the media on who its leader is.


Could Senator Elizabeth Warren, often called “Pocahontas” by Trump, become the next US president?

Among all voters, including Republicans, a large percentage (40%) say the Democratic Party has no leader. Among Democrats alone, 35% say there is no leader. They assign 15% of their vote to Barack Obama, the highest, as the party’s leader.

Since Hillary’s defeat, there’s been a question of who the leader of the Democratic Party actually is. Sanders will be too old to run in the next election, though I suppose he could try. He developed a hardcore constituency within the Democratic Party, even though he lost out to Clinton. He remains on the fringes today, though that may change over time as faith in the party is further undermined. His supporters will do his bidding.

The Democratic Party’s unofficial leader is…

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