Are Pious Guilt-Manipulators Forbidding You to Vote for Trump?

By Steve Schlissel

The following is a brief excerpt from the video “Grump for Trump.” You can view the video below. It’s well worth viewing:

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“A freestanding plea directed to Christian voters, who are being barraged by guilt-manipulators issuing virtual decrees forbidding Christians from voting for Trump. Though coming from different directions, with various levels of chutzpah, these evangelical bull-issuers share at least one feature: they offer no Biblical or rational argument for their demands, just plain forbiddance.

“Heavy on bombast, light on reason, they’ve taken to commanding Christians NOT to vote for Trump, then threatening them with assorted dire consequences which, they assure the weak-minded, are poised to fall upon any and every Christian hand that pulls a lever for Donald Trump.

“The presence of this “out of the blue” passel of pontificators is growing like kudzu as we move nearer to what could be the most critical voting episode for Christian citizens in a generation or more. But despite their confidence, their combined testimony adds nothing besides new dimensions to ‘Electile Dysfunction.’

“Not content with being inexcusably wrongheaded, these flunkers and clunkers threaten every Christian with a working brain (i.e., those determined to vote for Trump) with the irretrievable “loss of personal integrity,” the irremediable “pollution of conscience,” and the tainting of soul that will outlast tattoos, not to mention irreparable damage to the nation. All that without even a couple of ‘Hello, Stupids.’

“This is a direct product of abysmal ignorance of God’s actual Law, claims of competence in the field notwithstanding. Their hopeless confounding of pretentious ‘piosity’ with actual righteousness is the giveaway. Folks, there is a creepy crew of self-appointed Public Theologians appearing just in time for Halloween. They have taken holier-than-thou to new virtual heights. Because of them, I’m trying to figure a way to vote for Trump TWICE.”

STEVE SCHLISSEL has served as pastor of Messiah’s Covenant Community Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. since 1979. Born and raised a Jew, Steve’s revelatory insights into the unity of the Old and New Testaments have made him a popular speaker and essayist. Steve and his wife Jeanne have six children, and eight grandchildren. They have also raised six foster children.

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