Big Pharma

Pill-Popping Grand-Pappies! Alarming Elderly Addiction Rates Revealed!

We have undoubtedly heard plenty about drugs, of all kinds, over the course of the last few years here in America.

It seems as thought, as history often does, we are seeing a mini 1960’s brewing, at least culturally speaking.  Leftists on the left acting as the sort of hippy character, patriots on the right fighting for the nation to remain true to its patriotic roots.  And, all over the middle, there are plenty of Americans caught in the crosshairs and looking for escape.

These tumultuous times lead to spikes in recreational drug use as people far and wide turn to the bottle or the needle to alleviate the stresses of the modern world.

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And while prescription opioid abuse and recreational marijuana use seem to be the most prevalent topics in the realm today, there is another epidemic out there worth investigating.

Millions of elderly Americans are becoming highly addicted to anti-anxiety medicines that treat depression, anxiety and sleep issues, a new study had warned.

Figures compiled by the University of Michigan show that one in four older patients who are prescribed the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines never stop using them.

Of the close to 50 million US adults aged 65 or older, about nine percent are prescribed benzos such as Xanax and Valium – more than any other age group – and the rate of use only increases with age.

These drugs are being increasingly scrutinized as drivers of America’s addiction epidemic, alongside opioids, as more and more Americans struggle to get off them.

But the Michigan team warn no attention is being paid – by the general public and doctors – to the hardest-hit group: the elderly, who may be reluctant to experiment with less powerful forms of treatment.

Only the Big Pharmaceutical cabal could come to this conclusion when faced with the possibility of either making less money or sending Granny to rehab.




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