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Piers Morgan Gets ANNIHILATED By High School Kid on Twitter

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In the wake of the Parkland, Florida mental illness incident of February 14th, the nation has turned its attention to the youth of the nation, who have become unwilling participants in a number of liberal schemes.

Of course, the most famous of these young “activists” has been David Hogg – a Cindy Lou Hoo lookalike who has been accused, not unfairly, of employing Hitlerian oration tactics in order to appear as though his authority should be recognized.

Roseanne Barr sparked controversy this week for appearing to promote a far-right conspiracy theory about the Parkland shooting student-activist David Hogg.

On Tuesday evening, just before the revival of her ABC sitcom “Roseanne” premiered, Barr tweeted the words “NAZI SALUTE” in response to a Twitter user who tagged Hogg in a tweet. She later deleted her tweet.

Of course, Hogg didn’t raise the classic Nazi salute, instead emphasizing his rhetoric with a raised fist.  It’s not the physical attributes of the salute that struck a nerve, but, rather, the use of any salute as an exclamation point – something that showman dictators have used for time immemorial.
David Hogg
On the other end of the spectrum, however, is Kyle Kashuv – a fellow Parkland student who, unlike Hogg, was definitely at Stoneman Douglas High School at the time of Nikolas Cruz’s rampage.
Kashuv has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, however, due to his conservative views on gun control even in the aftermath of his own harrowing experience at the hands of a madman on Valentine’s Day.  Even now, after Hogg has been wholly abandoned due to his extremist views, Kashuv has been sidelined.
But Kashuv is no dummy, and he took to Twitter to prove it this week in a barb-trading conversation with liberal British newsman Piers Morgan.
On Easter Sunday, Morgan tweeted an article about the increase in knife attacks to London’s Mayor Sadiq Kahn, asking him what he was going to do about it. Morgan was apparently blind to the folly of his own critique as England has all but banned gun ownership for citizens, yet the murder rate has continued to spike.
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“Very disturbing. This is happening on YOUR watch, Mr Mayor @SadiqKhan – what are you going to do about it?” Morgan asked. Mayor Kahn did not respond, but Kashuv did.

“But Piers, gun control totally worked and made everyone safer! (It didn’t because criminals bought knives),” Kashuv said, mocking the Daily Mail editor.

Piers, thinking that he could outwit a high schooler, launched another absurd claim in Kashuv’s direction.

“Kyle, why did America ban automatic weapons if it’s only about the people not the guns?” Morgan fired back. But that response was a major mistake on Morgan’s part because it opened the door for the 17-year-old pro-gun rights advocate to school him.

Kashuv then ruined Morgan.

“Machine guns are banned because we are allowed to balance the risks of members of the general public having access to rare weapons with extreme capacity to do damage. But the AR-15 doesn’t fall into that category because it is owned by tens of millions of Americans, and has not done nearly as much damage as handguns,” he said.

Checkmate, Piers.

Kyle Kashuv’s eloquence and intelligence should have him front and center in this newest debate over the Second Amendment, but, due to the liberal stranglehold on the mainstream media, the young gun rights advocate has been largely sidelined.

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