Piers Morgan bullies and shames this 12 year old girl for hunting.

Piers Morgan just trashed a 12 year old girl for hunting Giraffe.

Piers Morgan is at it again with his latest rant. We’ve seen many people lately attack safari hunters. Marxist Media hack Morgan is the latest. In a heated exchange on Good Morning Britain, Piers compared Aryanna Gourdin’s kill of a Giraffe to that of killing a pet cat. 

“How would you feel if I came to your house one day, and I hunted down your pet cat, and I killed it and I then posted pictures of me celebrating the slaughter of your pet cat?” Morgan proudly asked the young girl.

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The pre-teen trophy hunter — clearly agitated by the question — struggled to find an answer, so her father stepped in, telling Morgan he was asking a “trick question” because the giraffe was not his pet.

Regardless, the British anchor stood his ground. He said his inquiry is legitimate because he noticed a “weird situation” on Gourdin’s Facebook profile in which she has pictures of her kills as well as photos of her pet cat.

“I’m not allowed to have pets because I hunt?” Gourdin chimed in.

But Morgan remained steadfast in his line of questioning, asking the 12 year old if she would “like” if he killed her pet cat and “celebrated” it. The father again told Morgan he and his daughter “would never kill somebody’s pet,” calling the very suggestion “derogatory.”

Piers Morgan is drawing a false equivalence that must be exposed.

It’s easy to compare Giraffe as a pet. You need to establish that Giraffe is a meat supply for people in Africa. Piers knows this that’s why he’s trying to distance the truth with a red herring. Giraffes are not pets. They are game in Africa. Giraffes are a food supply. If Piers Morgan was being honest, he would be asking Aryanna Gourdin if it would be ok for him to show up on a pig farm or a cattle farm and slaughter animals.  He has to make the outright false comparison. An animal is an animal is an animal. You can’t justify killing certain kinds and then at the same time shame someone for killing a certain kind of animal.

Piers Morgan brings up cats because Western civilization equates cats as pets.

What about countries that eat cats? You can’t have it both ways.  What if my cow was a pet and you came and slaughtered it for hamburger meat. This shaming people who hunt wild game animals has no moral consistency to it. The argument is completely emotion based and not based in reality. Who’s to consider what a pet is and what isn’t a pet? It’s basically whatever Marxist Piers Morgan states is a pet.  Don’t believe the left when they say want to let hunters hunt. They will let hunters hunt now. Their goal is complete control and that includes hunters.

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