PHILLY’S FILTHY FIGHT: City of Brotherly Love Ramps Up ‘Resistance’

The left is apparently no longer hiding their hope for a New Civil War, with entire cities now openly defying the laws of the United States in order to disparage our elected President.

From the moment that Donald Trump emerged as the republican candidate for President, the “resistance” was on.  The angry mobs of the radical left pushed the limits of political decorum in America to the breaking point almost immediately after his nomination with a widely underreported assassination attempt in Las Vegas.  And this was merely the tip of the iceberg.

In the coming months we would see riots in the streets of California, meant to curb the right to free speech of gay conservative author Milo Yiannopolous.  We would witness the attempted assassination of several members of the GOP in Virginia by a lunatic leftist with a rifle.  And, now, we are seeing the wholesale opposition to the laws of the land in the case of illegal immigration.

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Famously, the mayor of Oakland, California has usurped the federal immigration authorities by warning illegal immigrants and the businesses that employ them of impending ICE raids.

Now, it seems as though Philadelphia has jumped on this “resistance” bandwagon.

Philadelphia will stop giving U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement access to a real-time arrest database, accusing the agency of misusing the information to target people who are in the country illegally but are otherwise not accused of any crimes, the mayor announced Friday.

“We’re not going to provide them with information so they can go out and round people up,” Democrat Jim Kenney said.

The decision by the mayor means the city will not renew a contract that expires Aug. 31.

He said the federal agency’s actions have created fear and distrust in the city’s immigrant community and made it more difficult for police to solve crimes.

As a “sanctuary city,” Philadelphia had already limited cooperation with immigration enforcement. It won’t release inmates to ICE without a judicial warrant.

The Trump administration wants to cut funding to the city as a result but has so far been blocked by a judge.

This all comes to us at a time when the mainstream media is pushing the idea of a “New Civil War” in order to boost their own television ratings, appeasing the advertisers whose expensive airtime keeps this fake news operations afloat.

Oh well.  I prefer barbecue to cheese steaks anyhow.

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