Philly’s Faith Filled QB Gives Us ANOTHER Reason to Root Against Pats

As we countdown the hours to the big game on Sunday night, the NFL could use some help getting eyes on the prize, and they’re missing a golden opportunity to bring conservative Americans back to the gridiron.

The NFL itself is in massive trouble.  Their complete and utter capitulation of the misguided and offensive National Anthem protests has forever tainted the 2017 season, even without instigator Colin Kaepernick.  The dam that he broke open within the league had Americans turning away from the National Football League in record numbers this season, with both ratings and ticket sales slumping to unfathomable lows.

Simply put; hardworking, middle class Americans who make up a vast majority of the league’s hardcore base are absolutely furious with Commissioner Roger Goodell’s unwillingness to even consider actions that could put and end to the publicity stunts – all of which have come at the expense of the American military families who every day live the possibility or reality of a loved one being forced to make the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield.

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What’s worse is the glaring disparity in income between those protesting the anthem and those who fought and died for what the Start Spangled Banner stands for.

Now, however, as the nation considers crawling back for the Super Bowl, the NFL is missing an incredible storyline that could bring the conservative Christians back into the fold.  That opportunity lies with Nick Foles, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Nick Foles has a calling far greater than throwing touchdown passes.

“If Foles leads the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, he’ll become a folk hero in a city that has desperately waited for a championship since 1960.

“But that won’t define Foles in the big picture. He has more important plans for his future.

“‘I want to be a pastor in a high school,’ Foles said Thursday. ‘It’s on my heart. I took a leap of faith last year and signed up to take classes at seminary. I wanted to continue to learn and challenge my faith. It’s a challenge because you are writing papers that are biblically correct. You want to impact people’s hearts.’

“Foles is part of a team that has a strong Christian brotherhood. MVP contender Carson Wentz has been outspoken about his faith and many players spend a lot of time together in prayer, studying the Bible and sharing devotionals.”

Rooting for Foles will be an easy choice for a majority of Americans, who are honestly a bit bored of watching Tom Brady and the Patriots continue to coast through the NFL season with the help of some rather unscrupulous behavior.

This season, the NFL has been unable to quell rumors of game rigging and referee favoritism when it comes to the oft-hated Pats.

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