Supreme Court Forces Washington Pharmacy to Sell This Product

There was a time in this country that the business owner was allowed to do with his/her business as they saw fit. If they wanted to carry this brand and not the other, there was not a problem. If you as a customer could not receive the product you desired, you just went to another business.

Now, this is not the way things are done. If you are choosing to leave off the supplying of a product because you think it is wrong, then the government will make you provide said product.

Christian News reports

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The U.S. Supreme Court has allowed a ruling to stand that requires the owner of a Washington pharmacy, along with two of his pharmacists, to stock the morning-after pill despite their religious convictions regarding abortifacients.

The case has gone back and forth. Now, the Supreme Court decided that the pharmacy has no choice but to provide the Plan B Pill. And even though there are many exemptions for nonreligious reasons, there will be no exemptions based on conscience.

And it seems clear to at least one of the judges that this lack of religious exemption was targeting a particular group.

Christian News continued

“This case is an ominous sign. At issue are Washington State regulations that are likely to make a pharmacist unemployable if he or she objects on religious grounds to dispensing certain prescription medications,” Alito wrote. “[T]here is much evidence that the impetus for the adoption of the regulations was hostility to pharmacists whose religious beliefs regarding abortion and contraception are out of step with prevailing opinion in the state.”

We should note that this is becoming less and less veiled. There is no doubt that victory after victory is being won by those hostile to the Christian faith. It will not be long, and they will be taking our rights to speak in opposition to their or any behavior.

Watch what Paul Washer had to say about this growing problem in our country, and to what he thinks it is leading.

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