PETA’s Thanksgiving Protests Get Weird

Growing up, I always thought PETA was about protecting animals from cruelty. I pictured them stopping people who abuse and neglect their pets.

I am not sure if the blinders just came off as I grew older, or if PETA activists actually got crazier, but they are full blown nut jobs!

Remember when they attacked the men fishing in the park because “fish have feelings” and we shouldn’t eat them? One activist literally took the fish off the man’s hook and threw it back in the water!

Here’s the clip of that, in case you haven’t seen it.

Now the wack-os are attacking Thanksgiving! They are protesting the eating of turkey! Seriously. They are telling people to go vegan for the holiday.

Come on folks…..turkey was put on this earth for us to eat. It is the main course of our thanksgiving meal, and provides us wonderful turkey sandwiches the next day.

My Fox Columbus reports: 

A member of PETA protested in downtown Charleston, wearing little clothing and lying beside two giant, fake turkey carcasses on top of a cutting board.

The sign on the board said, “Go Vegan This Thanksgiving.”

“PETA is asking people to view turkeys as individuals and not as holiday centerpieces; turkeys are individuals with thoughts and feelings and they form friendships and families when given the chance,” PETA member Katerina Davidovichn said.

Of course he was not the only one. Other activists held similar protests across the country.

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