PETA Taking Heat From Liberal Base Over Sexism of Scantily Clad Slacktivists

It is not difficult to find an excuse to insult the liberal activism facade known as PETA, but the latest heat facing the childish organization is coming from some of their biggest fans.

So-called “social justice warriors” have been riding a wave of overwhelming political correctness in recent years, creating new and increasingly complex rules for interacting with others in our modern society.  The entire charade has been thoroughly outed as a scheme to bring more voters into the democratic fold by monopolizing fringe societal groups such as vegans, transgendered Americans, and climate change hoaxers.  These factions will surely vote for the most liberal candidate available, and, thanks to the hard work of the democratic party, that candidate will always be on the left.

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Now, however, the political correctness that has permeated and perverted our society is backfiring on the opportunistic PETA, who have often exploited scantily-clad women in their publicity stunts and advertising.  As it turns out, their shallow ploy to engage society has offended some of the “social justice warriors” that the organization relies on for support.

“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is being blasted for what feminists say is the unethical treatment of women.

“The progressive activist group, long a staple of the left, decided to stage a promotional event at the Wimbledon tennis championship, and dressed a number of young, attractive women in bikinis and had them hand out dairy-free treats to the sweltering crowd.

” The stunt was meant to attract attention, and for PETA, it was pretty typical—usually the models trying to guilt passers-by into quitting meat are clad only in lettuce leaves (or, for that matter, nothing at all), so strawberry-print pinup gear was definitely an upgrade. But it ended up angering PETA’s fellow social justice warriors who called the display ‘anti-feminist’ and threatened to revoke their support.
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“’I’m sick of you exploiting women’s bodies in the name of being vegan. You need to change your methods,’ said one supporter, a Guardian reporter, who also said he was cancelling his membership immediately. 

“Another, a union organizer Tweeted, ‘Exploitation of women’s bodies is never a good look. Another sexist campaign. You value animals over women.’”

It seems that PETA has once again found themselves on the wrong end of the publicity spectrum.

Bad news is nothing out of the ordinary for the misguided and utterly annoying animal rights group.  Earlier this year it was revealed that PETA has continued its unbelievable practice of euthanizing over 98% of the animal in their care, rather than allowing them to be adopted by potential homes.  Furthermore, the organization has continually relied on offensive imagery and ideas to spread their message – something that a great many Americans find repulsive.

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