PETA Outraged Over Army Killing Pig

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) expressed outrage over an Army training exercise that allegedly involved a commander instructing his soldiers to hunt and kill a wild pig in exchange for $100.

During a training exercise, Capt. Jonathan Kuhn – commander of the 552nd Military Police Company – offered his soldiers $100 if they were able to hunt and kill a wild pig. This incident took place on June 29th in the Kahuku Training Area in Hawaii.

According to the 8th TSC spokesman Master Sgt. Matthew Davio, Capt. Kuhn’s $100 offer and instructions to kill a wild pig was a joke. According to Davio:

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“The evidence showed that Capt. Kuhn’s comment was an unfortunate attempt at humor that was misconstrued and taken literally. The result was the unlawful killing of a wild pig in the training area. Capt. Kuhn did not pay $100, because his comment was not a sincere offer of transaction.”

While some took the offer as a joke, others saw it as a way to make money. They were able to track down a wild pig, after which they stabbed it with a dagger. Since the pig survived the initial stabbings, the soldiers hit it over the head with an entrenching tool, finally killing it.

When the soldiers brought the pig’s carcass back to show their commander, he was surprised. According to a whistleblower inside the company, Capt. Kuhn said, “holy s***, you guys really did kill a pig.” Capt. Kuhn instructed his company not to say a word to anyone else about the incident and to delete all photos of the dead pig. The whistleblower said he complied with the captain’s instructions, but eventually went to PETA to divulge all the details and show any remaining photos.

The letter PETA wrote and addressed to Col. Richard Fromm, Commander of the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, read, in part:

“The whistleblower stated that in the evening following a June 2015 squad training exercise, the commander of the 552nd military police company, Captain Jonathan D. Kuhn, apparently told soldiers in his company to kill a wild pig in the Kahuku Training Area for $100, despite this activity not being part of an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee-approved protocol nor the participants obtaining a hunting permit.

The whistleblower stated soldiers used a Ka-Bar knife attached to a stick to stab the pig, after which they repeatedly hit the pig’s head with an entrenching tool, sliced the pig’s throat with the Ka-Bar knife, and cut apart the pig’s body parts that were sealed in bags and later thrown into the wild.

We urge you to investigate this troubling matter and, if corroborated, levy all permissible penalties against Captain Kuhn for ordering soldiers to apparently illegally stab, dismember and kill this animal.”

In 2014, PETA took in a total of 3,369 animals, including dogs, cats, and others. Of those, PETA killed 2,454 and adopted only 162.

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