The People’s Democratic Republic of California

As of January 1, 2018 the following list of 39 new laws will further restrict the lives of natives and naturalized citizens, but free illegal aliens as they can be trained to vote Democrat many times in every election.  22 of California’s 58 counties have up to130% more votes cast than there are people of voting age living in them.

Please see the following list of things that happen when Democrats are fully in charge in the land of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, who’s goal in life is the be the first elected person in history to make $1 billion while in office and the land of Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwel, Gavin Newsome and Eternal Governor Jerome M. Brown.  See the new laws:

No California school employee can carry a concealed weapon onto campus, a change from the former rules in which school officials had discretion over the issue.

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AV:  This is certain, by Democrat logic, to scare the pants off schizophrenic school raiders with stolen weapons and ammunition.

Anyone who “willfully recorded a video” of a violent attack that was streamed on a site such as Facebook could receive additional punishment in a California court of law.

AV:  We will not permit anyone to trash California by showing what is going on here.

No juvenile offenders have to serve life without parole and those already behind bars would become eligible for release after 25 years. This is part of a series of easing punishment and fines for young people.

AV:  Yes because they have so much longer to vote Democratic.

Counties can no longer charge fees to a family for everything from detention to monitoring of juveniles, a policy that critics said hit low-income families and communities of color the hardest.

AV:  How dare we make bad parents pay for their mistakes.

Local officials can now make illegal the “open carry” of unloaded shotguns and rifles in urban unincorporated areas, places not covered in an existing ban on carrying handguns in public places.

AV:  Do you have any idea how many people have been killed by “unloaded shotguns and rifles?”  And, in some areas the ban on handguns includes police officers!  Figure that out!

Starting July 1, Californians who assemble their own gun — a process one police chief said is now “easier than putting together Ikea furniture”— must first get a serial number from the state Department of Justice.

AV:  Boy, that will really put a stop to that practice and prevent the wrong people from buying those kits.

Californians convicted of crimes that require them to get rid of their firearms must now prove they’ve done so before their court cases can be closed, a mandate approved by voters in a 2016 ballot measure. Additional punishment can be imposed on those who don’t comply.

AV:  That ought to really put crimp in crime.

Law enforcement agencies must gather information on sexual assault evidence that hasn’t been tested, known as a “rape kit,” and explain to state officials why nothing’s been done.

AV:  Well, that ought to do something.  Not sure what though…

You can’t smoke or consume marijuana in any way while driving or riding in a car on California roadways.

AV:  Just think of all the new laws they can pass now to deal with having made a Class I Narcotic legal in California, but not the US.  This means the Feds can, and will, seize property for possession!

You can be fined $20 for not wearing a seatbelt on a commercial bus. Drivers will tell you to buckle up.

AV:  But what about the drivers that cannot speak English?  Aren’t you discriminating? (Gasp!)

Drivers for ride hail companies like Lyft and Uber can be cited for driving under the influence if they have a blood-alcohol content of .04%, the same as other commercial drivers.

AV: Is there an exemption for illegal alien drivers who only came here to seek a better life and brought their drugged culture with them?

Drivers for ride hail companies such as Lyft and Uber now only need a single permit to drive anywhere in California.

AV: Doesn’t this discriminate against the illegal aliens who only came here seeking a better life?

State officials will do more to crack down on Californians who are misusing disabled driver placards.

AV:  Betcha they get their own disabled driver placards.

Californians with HIV can no longer be charged with a felony for exposing a partner to the disease, a distinction it used to have from all other communicable diseases.

AV: Of course, the HIV virus only came here seeking a better life.

Farm animals in California can no longer be given antibiotics without a veterinarian’s prescription — a law designed to help lessen the spread of infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

AV:  Why do I think the California Veterinarians Association made a big contribution to the California Democratic party?

Hazardous chemicals in cleaning products have to be clearly identified on labels and online.

AV:  Don’t we already have laws on this? I see such labels on all cleaning supplies I purchase.

Owners of gasoline or diesel-fueled cars must pay a new annual fee to help pay for road repairs. The fee ranges from $25 to $175, depending on the vehicle’s value.

AV:  Does this mean Governor Brown will stop expropriating state highway funds for his high speed train project in which Democratic legislators will make millions on land options as they will know the exact route which has been kept secret from the public?

California’s lowest-paid workers are getting a raise, as the 2016 law to phase in a minimum-wage increase has raised that pay to $11 an hour for most businesses. Workers at the smallest companies will see their minimum wages rise to $10.50 an hour.

AV:  Well bless Jerry’s little heart.  Betcha all those little people will show their gratitude by voting Democratic.  Jerry spends other people’s money so well….

Californians will pay a new $75 fee to refinance a mortgage and make other real estate transactions, money to be spent on providing more low-income housing in the state.

AV:  Why do I think the document giving that money to poor folks will contain a Democratic Party registration form and voting information?

Local law enforcement officials across California have new, strict limits on how much they can help federal immigration authorities — a law that pushes back against President Trump’s policies on illegal immigration. A landlord can face civil penalties for threatening to report a renter to federal immigration authorities.

AV:  Just wait till Mr. Trump’s boys come in and grab property from all the Marijuana drug purveyors, users, etc. in a typical Trumpian response.  How will Eternal Leader Brown look then?

It now takes a warrant from a judge for federal agents to come to someone’s workplace on an immigration raid, and employers can be fined for not giving workers a 72-hour notice that those agents will be inspecting employee records.

AV:  Will Mr. Brown be shocked when Federal Officers do whatever they please and arrest Federal law breakers?  How will Mr. Brown look then?

State agencies that provide help to juveniles and the developmentally disabled no longer have to report immigration violations to the federal government.

AV: We do believe that makes them felons in the eyes of Federal law enforcers.  How many state people will the Feds have to put away for Jerry to get the message?

California schools can no longer deny a lunch to a child whose parents haven’t paid their meal fees.

AV:  As Hillary Clinton famously said, “Everybody wants a pony!” and Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism works as long as you don’t run out of other people’s money.”

Schools in low-income communities must provide free tampons and other sanitary productsto students in grades six through 12.

AV:  As a former teacher, I believe we did this before the Democrats thought of it.

This fall, school buses must have a child safety alert system that requires a driver to make sure no kids are left on the bus.

AV: Sounds like the Acme Kid Detector Company made some campaign contributions or bribes.

Voters in five counties will find their neighborhood polling places closed and ballots sent to them in the mail, the first phase of a shift to the use of “vote centers” across California. The 2018 rollout begins with Sacramento, San Mateo, Madera, Napa and Nevada counties. Los Angeles County can move away from traditional polling places in 2020. Following reports of too little help at polling places in 2016 for California voters who speak limited English, more sample ballots in other languages will be available.

AV:  So much for Republican hope of ever recovering California.  They will now turn it into Minnesota and elect comedians.

Big donors to state ballot measure campaigns will have to be better identified in political advertisements in 2018.

AV:  Clearly a jab at the rich, but how much will you bet the Democratic mega-donors will ignore this one?

New parents at small businesses of at least 20 employees will be able to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for the child, and won’t lose their health coverage while away.

AV:  Guess who pays for said “health coverage”?

When you apply for a new job in California, you can no longer be asked, “How much did you make at your last job?”

AV:  Nor can you be asked if you are a citizen, convicted felon, registered sex offender or Communist, but you can be asked if you are a Republican!

California’s equal pay law has been expanded to government jobs in an effort to remove any gender-biased pay rates.

AV:  You mean it did not start there?  Shocking!

Beginning in September, Californians can choose a gender-neutral option on their birth certificate for those who are transgender, intersex or don’t identify as male or female. That change will be allowed on a driver’s license in 2019.

AV:  Every cell of a man is different from every cell of a woman and medical science can tell the difference easily.  “Transgenderism” was a treatable mental illness until ACLU President Ruth Bader Ginsberg, now on the Supreme Court told the American Psychiatric Association if they did not change that the ACLU “…will sue you out of existence!”

More parents taking high school equivalency or English language courses are now eligible for subsidized child care.

AV:  Gotta love socialism.

Some California cities will allow sales of marijuana for all uses, the first retail transactions since voters fully legalized pot in November 2016.

AV:  Let’s bring that auto accident death rate back up to what it used to be with this one.

More buildings, from theaters and restaurants to government offices, must provide diaper changing stations in restrooms for men.

AV:  But wait!  Can’t a man go into womens facilities now?

No more jaywalking tickets can be issued for stepping into a crosswalk after the flashing signal begins — as long as you can still cross safely before time runs out.

AV:  Who decides?  The cops are going to love this one…

Local officials can place new restrictions on Hollywood bus tours, limiting the streets traveled and loudspeakers on open-topped buses and vans.

AV:  This is the only sensible law in this whole mess, but it really is not needed if the police simply call the tour companies.  They’ll cooperate.

All landlords in the state must provide information about bedbugs — how to identify them and how to report them — to apartment renters and must follow new rules if an infestation is found.

AV:  But, but….  The bedbugs have only come here seeking a better life!

Using a bullhook to handle or control elephants will be against the law in California.

AV:  You have no idea how many people you will kill with this one.

If you’re 20 years old or younger, you will need a boater safety card before operating a boat.

AV:  Where the age had been 12 you have now increased adolescence.

California’s first vegetarian gets a formal title: Augustynolophus morrisi, a plant eater whose fossils have only been found in the Golden State, is now the official state dinosaur.

AV: You cannot make this up.  Who wrote this one?  I have to know!

Dec. 28, 9:46 p.m.: This article was updated to clarify that the law stating that Californians can choose a gender-neutral option on their birth certificate for those who are transgender, intersex or don’t identify as male or female go into effect in September. That change will be allowed on a driver’s license in 2019.

AV:  Medical science can tell a man from a women by analyzing cells alone.  Did you consult any medical experts before writing this crap?

Welcome to The Peoples Democratic Republic of California, Jerry Brown, Eternal Governor.

Adrian Vance

Adrian Vance is a writer and producer of educational films, filmstrips and audio programs with over 325 productions from script to screen. See a partial list of my credits at . And, have written for ten national magazines, been on the masthead of two as an Editor, done a dozen books and am an FCC licensed broadcaster with ten years of on-air experience in radio and television. See my blog, "The Two Minute Conservative" at where you will find over 3200 daily pieces, enough material to produce 25 novel length books.

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