The Pentagon’s Thanksgiving Effort is Truly Monumental and Inspiring

As is the reality of all American holidays, there are number of brave men and women who will not be able to spend Thanksgiving at home with their families.

Of course, we are speaking about the ladies and gentlemen currently serving in our armed forces, who are sacrificing good, old-fashioned family time for a post in a far away locale.  These defenders of freedom work grueling hours in some of the most adverse conditions on the planet, simply so that you and yours can celebrate in any way that you see fit.

It’s dirty, disheartening work at times, and the holidays can be especially difficult for those stationed overseas.  That’s why the Pentagon is putting their expertise behind a plan to make Thanksgiving special for those stationed in far-flung locales, and they’ve even devised a way to send nearly fifty tons of turkey to our sons and daughters abroad.

“The U.S. military once again used its massive logistical reach to send almost 100,000 pounds of turkey to U.S. troops stationed all over the world for Thanksgiving, it announced Wednesday.

“For example, the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support provided service membersdeployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, and Kuwait with:

“98,820 pounds of turkey
“47,880 pounds of beef
“31,650 pounds of ham
“30,384 pounds of shrimp
“3,110 gallons of grape juice
“918 gallons of eggnog
“6,288 pies
“9,378 cakes (which includes 382 cheese cakes)

“The team also worked with regional vendors across the globe to provide Thanksgiving meals to Navy ships at sea and troops in Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Okinawa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Europe, and Africa.”

To the nearly 260,000 men and women who are defending our nation from the confines of a foreign land, this can make all the difference in the world.

Sure, technology has made communicating with the loved ones back home much simpler than it was for our grandparents, but is there really anything more comforting than a hot plate of turkey and stuffing?

So, today, as you raise your glasses and dig into that third helping of pumpkin pie, remember that there is some courageous and patriotic American in a mess hall somewhere doing the exact same thing, all so that you can live in the greatest and most free nation on the planet.

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