North Korea

Pentagon Puts Down Pretty Penny To Upgrade Arctic Air Base After N. Korea Threats

Thule Air Base

The calamity facing the globe from just over the horizon today is far more prescient than it has been in many of our lives, and the U.S. military is keenly aware of that fact.

Americans are particularly involved in the chaos that seems just out of sight in this strange new world.  With Donald Trump taking over the Oval Office in January, long-forgotten foes have crawled out from their hiding places in order to provoke what they perceive as a divided nation.  We have long held the title of the world’s greatest nation, the shining example of modern society, and the liberal New Fascist movement has exposed what some have mistaken for a weakness.

That perceived weakness has led to increased scrutiny of the U.S. by entities on the Asian continent, specifically Russia and North Korea, who are both at odds with America in sudden and powerful new ways today.

Given all of that turmoil, the Pentagon has found it prudent to drop $40 million upgrading one of our most remote military outposts deep in the arctic expanses of Greenland.

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“On one of the most isolated pieces of land on earth, a base with no roads leading in, an island covered more than 80 percent in ice, the Air Force needs to stay constantly connected to the sky.
“At the height of the Cold War, Thule Air Base was a vital part of U.S. strategy and symbolism. Now, as new chills settle in, CBS News was invited on base by Colonel Christopher Eagan, who took charge at Thule, part of Air Force Space Command, just last year.

“‘We have a unique access this far north that the Department of Defense does not have anywhere else,’ Eagan said.

“In training sessions, airmen and women learn to surveil the sky. They are always on alert for the worst case scenario: a missile fired from Asia.

“Thule’s $250 million radar just received a $40 million software upgrade–one of six early-warning systems like this around the world being improved. More than 3,500 antennas can see 3,000 miles into space.”

Like many aspects of the unfolding conflicts that the United States is finding herself in, the upgrades to Thule’s radar system are reminiscent of the plot of a 1980’s action movie.  Communism, intercontinental death raining down from above, and a dilapidated outpost standing in the way of the big bang from Pyongyang all seem to fit well within the realm of a leading man such as Stallone or Schwarzenegger’s wheelhouse.

Unfortunately for all involved, the reality of the situation could be far more dire.  North Korea’s latest threat against the U.S. included an ominous nod to nuclear weaponry that many believe that they are still years away from developing.  However, if there is a difference of opinion between pundits and the Pentagon, who is actively preparing for such a plight, my money is on the boys in Arlington County.

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