PENTAGON OR PARAMOUNT? Was Your Favorite Movie Directed by The DOD?

Surely, over the course of the last few years, it has been easy to get into an argument through social media on what propaganda really is.

And no, this isn’t going to devolve into some hysterical take on subliminal messaging and mind control.  While there are certainly entities out there attempting to harness the power of these ethically questionable tactics, the are almost always part of the advertising and marketing industry as opposed to coming directly from the US government…especially at this moment in which we are all in the “drain the swamp” mindset.

Or, what if that wasn’t exactly the case?  What if the Pentagon was secretly helping to direct Hollywood movies in order to keep the message clear?

A year ago we featured a detailed report by authors Tom Secker and Matthew Alford exposing just how vast the Pentagon and CIA programs for partnering with Hollywood actually are, based on some 4,000 new pages of formerly classified archived documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

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The report noted at the time that “These documents for the first time demonstrate that the US government has worked behind the scenes on over 800 major movies and more than 1,000 TV titles.”

Reviewing the ever expanding list, the average movie watcher might be in for a shock at what films are actually included — there are the more predictable ones like Black Hawk Down, Zero Dark Thirty, and Lone Survivor; but also entirely unexpected ones that apparently needed the military-industrial complex’s propaganda touch like Earnest Saves ChristmasKarate Kid 2, The Silence of the LambsTwister, the Iron Man movies, and more recently Pitch Perfect 3.

The list itself has to be seen to be believed, but let’s just say that there are some pretty surprising films mentioned.


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