Voter Fraud

Pennsylvania Voting Machines To Get Old School Backup Solution in 2018

As the liberal mainstream media shoved story after story down our throats regarding the “non-existence” of voter fraud in 2016, it became all too clear that something was amiss at the ballot box.

Like the child who blurts out “I definitely didn’t break a window on the garage” when their mother inquires how their day transpired, the left fairly succinctly showed their hand during their ultra defensive and frankly sad push to validate the forthcoming election results as we approached the end of 2016.  This, of course, backfired in the most hilarious manner yet, with Donald Trump cruising to victory over democratic diva Hillary Clinton in an electoral landslide of rather epic proportions.

On top of the ugly loss, temper tantrums, and refusal to concede the election finally subsided, Hillary was left with two realizations:  Even with million of illegal votes likely going her way, democratic ideologies are now beyond blasé, and her chances of reaching the White House in this lifetime are likely over.

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Now, even as the left continues to call into question the legitimacy of the election, they do so with a very particular set of parameters.  Namely, they aren’t interested in talking at all about voter fraud, but they will spend months pretending that Russian cyber-operatives planted “fake” news stories in the free press to disparage Hillary Clinton and prop up Donald Trump.  (As if we would forget that it was Hillary herself who propped up Donald Trump during the primaries, believing that he would be the easiest to defeat in the general election).

Reacting to these vote-legitimacy fiascos can be a daunting task for any state authorities, let alone those in traditional swing states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania, and that’s why officials in the Keystone State are looking to the past to secure the future of voting rights.

“Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday ordered counties that plan to replace their electronic voting systems to buy machines that leave a paper trail — a safeguard against hacking — but his budget doesn’t include any money to fund the replacement of the state’s aging, increasingly vulnerable fleet.

“The Democrat’s administration said the move to require that new systems include a paper backup will increase the security of voting systems and make balloting easier to audit.

“‘This directive will ensure that the next generation of the commonwealth’s voting systems conforms to enhanced standards of resiliency, auditability and security,’ Acting Secretary of State Robert Torres said in a statement.”

Thanks to the “hanging chad” issues in Florida during the much debated Gore v. Bush election of 2000, America is quite aware that paper ballots are by no means the end-all, be-all of voting security.

However, we have to hand it to Pennsylvania to take a step in the direction of what the people of this great nation want:  Their vote to count exactly as it should.


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