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Pence Calls in The Cavalry As Trump Tumult Troubles GOP and Nation

There has been no shortage of disparaging headlines in the mainstream media for President Trump, and that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Vice President’s camp.

Between the liberal “resistance” continuing to invent bizarre new Russian conspiracy theories weekly, the latest of which implicates a Russian lawyer meeting with Donald Trump Jr. after Obama’s DOJ gave her special passage into the U.S., and the violence emanating from the radical left, there is plenty of reason for doubt in Washington.  The liberals have been pushing for the removal of Donald Trump from office for months, even before the 45th President was even sworn into office.

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This has Vice President Mike Pence is a peculiar predicament.  While it is certainly reasonable for the veep to believe that he may be called to lead the nation before 2020 based on these numerous attacks and angles, Pence cannot appear too eager either.  The GOP is just now coming around to Trump in a number of ways, finally defending the President after months of quiet collaboration.  It appears, however, that someone has convinced Pence that the writing is on the wall, as reports are surfacing regarding a new member of the Vice President’s inner circle.

“Now, as the Trump White House has become engulfed in one media firestormafter another, Pence is bringing in a new chief of staff, a veteran political operative who Pence loyalists expect will help him manage one of the thinnest, highest tightropes in Washington—balancing the vice president’s need to be loyal to a president who requires it, while keeping his own brand and capital strong enough to stand on its own.

 “The man on the way to fill that role is Nick Ayers, a 34-year-old political consultant who has helped more than a dozen top Republicans in around the country launch, rescue, or cement their political careers, including Mike Pence.
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“If Ayers’ name is new to casual observers, it isn’t all new to anyone working in Washington. In 2007, Ayers burst onto the scene as the 24-year-old executive director of the Republican Governors Association. But his political break came even earlier, when Ayers, then 19, hit it off with a longshot candidate for Georgia governor named Sonny Perdue. Perdue hired Ayers as his driver, and then won the governor’s mansion a year later. Four years later, Ayers ran Perdue’s successful reelection in 2006 and then went with Perdue to the RGA, when the Georgia governor helmed the committee tasked with electing Republicans to governors’ mansions.”

Ayers’ rap sheet sounds like a fictional character from any number of political thrillers.  He’s the guy you call to get something done, but only if absolutely necessary.

It has yet to be determined just how damaging the latest Russian conspiracy nonsense will become to the President.  CNN and other liberal media networks have all but called it the “death knell” of the fledgling presidency, but their word is to be taken with a heaping lump of salt due to their enormous bias.  Trump, for what it’s worth, is continuing to press forward in hopes of achieving a number of campaign promises before the democrats finally find a way to do him in.

And now, Pence has called in a mighty reinforcement to help him survive the siege of Trump’s Pennsylvania Avenue castle.



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